Making Multiple Versions of Flats-Longs-Units to Teach Numbers and their Operations

2D base 10 blocks, popularly known as Flats-Longs-Units (FLU) are the most useful of all manipulatives for numbers. They can be extended to decimals through fractions as well as to algebra tiles.

These pre-grouped proportional manipulatives can be used to introduce numbers up to 999 and the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In fact, they can be used to understand the division algorithm to find the square root!

Three versions are suggested:

Big FLU - out of cardboard boxes for younger children in Class 1-2
Small FLU - out of square grid notebooks for older children in Class 3-5
Decimal FLU - out of A4 size poster/certificate with no lines in any of the pieces
the thousand part - A thousand can be added to the Small FLU set - Check thousand.pdf for details.

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