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Intelligence was a term usually used to describe individuals. Simply put, it stood for the ability of the individual to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. There are many ways to determine how intelligent a person is. But intellectual capacities of two or more individuals can work together or collaborate in order to produce, perhaps, more effective outcomes. One can term it as collective intelligence.

The deeper you dig, the hotter it gets. Why so? This 2 minute animated story from Minute Earth tells you that.

Use this board game to reinforce your learners' understanding on food webs & food chains.

Kamla Bhasin's haunting reminders on gender stereotyping are as relevant as ever. Here is the 1st one. You may use it as a 'seed idea' & explore discussions & debate with your learners. You may ask them to build a skit or paint a picture on the same theme.

Dear Teacher,

Khan Academy has launched a Talent Search for amazing explainers to help build the world’s most comprehensive, engaging library of videos.

To understand this, we will have to first know why astronauts/cosmonauts wear space suits. It is obvious that special space suits have been created because living in space is different than living on earth, or even flying in a aeroplane.

Math is full of symbols: lines, dots, arrows, English letters, Greek letters, superscripts, subscripts ... it can look like an illegible jumble. Where did all of these symbols come from? John David Walters shares the origins of mathematical symbols, and illuminates why they’re still so important in the field today.

...I'm all of your fears and all of your stress,

I'm your fear of the spotlight and fear of success.

Fear of embarrassment and not enough training,

One tends to restrict teaching electromagnetic radiation only at a tabularly boring and a dour factual way. But, who says that facts can't be presented in an interesting way! Here's a poster from ICTS that talks about neutron stars and gamma rays that also briefly touches upon this year's Nobel Prize Physics winning idea that your senior school students would be keen more to know about.

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