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Here are aset of problems for the senior graders.

Invite your middle school students to this set of problems.

Here is a proof without words for the orthocentre of a triangle.

One more contribution from the students.

Check this Student Corner – Featuring articles written by students.

In this article, we study a few properties possessed by any quadrilateral whose diagonals are perpendicular to each other.

There is an interesting twist to this age old tale of finding what come next! The underlying question is this: given the initial (say) five terms of a sequence, can we say with any degree of certainty what the next term must be? Let’s say we have found a nice pattern in the given initial portion; can we be sure that the sequence has been generated with just that pattern in mind?

Use the 27-card trick to introduce ternary bases to students in Grade 9. And share your xlassroom experience!

Divisibility tests by primes such as 7, 13, 17 and 19 are not generally discussed in the school curriculum. However, in Vedic Mathematics (also known by the name “High Speed Mathematics”; see Box 1), techniques for testing divisibility by such primes are discussed, but without giving any proofs. In this article, proofs of these techniques are discussed.


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