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Enliven your biology class with these tried and tested brain tricks, courtesy AsapScience. We are sure it will trigger lot more questions in the minds of your learners and help them appreciate the fun side of biology.

Note: Hindi subtitles are available when CC button is clicked.

What can a humble matchbox do, one may ask. Check these tried and tested puzzles to enthuse your learners towards patterns, symmetry and a bit of imaginative problem solving, courtesy Arvind Gupta.

For more on match stick TLMs check the attachment below.

An exclamation is a sentence that expresses great emotion! David and Paige covered declarative, interrogative, and imperative sentences; now they tackle a fourth type of sentence that ends in an exclamation mark. Find out more!

Celebrating Pi day with one more compilation of videos dedicated to it. Prof James Grime features in this Numberphile video titled Pi is beautiful.

In this video Prof Grime shares a true story madness of how pi was almost certainly changed to 3.2!

This article explores the origin of chemical elements as a process occurring inside stars, as well as in terms of what they mean to people.

Here is a poster on 10 things you didn't know about the ocean microbes.

Plants court a variety of animal pollinators to ensure their own genetic diversity. This article explores the diversity of mechanisms that plants use to attract specific pollinators, showing how these co-evolving mutualistic relationships matter to life on Earth.

The periodic table is central to chemistry education, and it can be just as central in exploring the inspiring history and evolution of chemistry as a subject. This article embarks on this historical journey, with the objective of showcasing its value for both teachers and students.

With waste disposal problems gripping cities as well as towns and an increasing recognition of the role of organic fertilizers to combat the growing food crisis, how do we learn about the inter-linkages between these two? Can waste become a resource? In this article, the author shares insights on how her school adopted the time tested technique of recycling waste into food through composting.

A handy poster on the origins of composting


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