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Effective Teaching-Learning in Mathematics

By hdutta | Jan 10, 2018

How to bring more effectiveness in mathematics teaching-learning right from the school level of education?

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Fagnano’s Problem: In 1775, Giovanni Fagnano posed and solved the problem - “For a given acute angled triangle, determine the inscribed triangle of minimum perimeter.” Using calculus, Fagnano showed the solution to be the Orthic Triangle – a triangle formed by the feet of the three altitudes. A different proof was given in At Right Angles, Vol. 6, No.

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The approximation of π is a popular pastime of students of mathematics and I have started with the familiar age-old way, of fitting a regular polygon tightly in a circle of radius r. The vertices of the n-sided polygon are joined to the centre of the circle so that the angle subtended at the centre by each segment is 360/n. If n is sufficiently large, the perimeter of the polygon approaches the circumference 2πr of the circle and this approximation improves as the number of segments increases.

Elsewhere in this issue, two students report on their search for Happy Numbers. This is an interesting topic in recreational mathematics which throws up questions that are not easy to answer. We describe the essential proof techniques used in the study of such topics

This time in Student's Corner, we atlk about happy numbers.

In this short note we start with a simple problem concerning a triangle and then analyze new problems derived from it by changing the hypothesis.


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