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Understanding Periodic MotionLesson Plan | By Jayanth |  Mar 23, 2018 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This digital interactive lesson plan helps the learner understand periodic motion and various concepts associated with it.

Stephen Hawking's big ideas made simple - video animationVideo | By Mujahidul Islam |  Mar 14, 2018 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Do you want to introduce Stephen Hawking's big ideas to your students?

Pi is BeautifulArticle | By Rajkishore |  Mar 14, 2017 Arts, Mathematics | 0 Likes

Celebrating Pi day with one more compilation of videos dedicated to it. Prof James Grime features in this Numberphile video titled Pi is beautiful.

Language games and learningsActivity | By Rajani Pandey |  May 01, 2015 Language | 3 Likes

This activity is intended for students in pre and primary school. The aim is to encourage children to learn and have fun with language. These can be built on to encourage idea generation for story construction and creative writing.

Teaching English as a Second LanguageLesson Plan | By ANBUSELVI |  Mar 02, 2018 Language | 0 Likes

This course is mainly designed for those students who take English as their second language.

Lazy Mama can take you on wild adventures without leaving his chair!E-Book | By Pratham Books |  Feb 27, 2018 Arts, Environmental Science, Language, Science & Technology | 0 Likes

When lazy Raghu Mama claims he can go on wild adventures without leaving his chair, Amish and Soni are amazed. How does he do it?

Fibonacci Coding and a Card TrickArticle | By Kiran Bacche |  Feb 21, 2018 Language, Mathematics | 0 Likes

This article explains one of the characteristics of Fibonacci Numbers and how this characteristic is used in Fibonacci Coding.


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