Class 6-8

The pandemic has been a turning point in the way we lived our lives - impacting livelihoods, health, relationships and most of all, education. As a result, children have grown up very fast and have lost social interaction, creative play and basic experiences of nature in everyday-life activities. These have been replaced by screen time, leading to their development being compromised.
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted student learning to a large extent. Educational institutions have explored various online options to ensure uninterrupted learning. However, there is enough and more evidence to suggest that remote learning options do not work. Education is a deeply intimate process of enquiry, discovery and meaning-making that happens between the teacher, the student and her peers and personalisation and collaboration are necessary to make learning possible.
COVID-19 in children
What is education?
It has been more than eight months since the COVID-19 lockdown saga began in India. Reports on the impact of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown on the lives of children have been coming out. In June and July 2020 several reports were published on the situation on the ground as well as its impact on children.


Exploring areas of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and trapeziums including some ignored aspects. Models can be made using stiff paper/card/boxes.

Explore this link to understanding more about calculating areas:

Multi-digit divisors are neglected in some syllabi and textbooks including the NCERT ones. They pose a lot of challenges and provide the only case when a standard algorithm of any of the four operations requires estimation. While the skill of dividing with such divisors may have lost its relevance thanks to the prevalence of mobiles with calculators, it is debatable whether they should be completely removed from school math. This ppt explores how to tackle such divisors and includes all possible estimation scenarios.

Division can be explored using array. This further establishes the reverse process of multiplication. It also brings out dividend = divisor x quotient + remainder beautifully. Check the ppt for all these and more...

In early April this year, newspapers and online websites were agog with the news that astronomers had obtained the first image of a black hole known to reside in a distant galaxy called M87. Why did this image cause such a stir?
Fig. 1. The image of a ‘black hole’ at the heart of galaxy M87.


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