Hands on Workshop Organized by Cuckoo Forest School & Vrksa LifeSpace

We recommend this event to teachers, parents, Social Workers or anyone who is interested in knowing how best to use recycled materials to impart creativity and imagination to our next generation.

About The Workshop
3 days of fun, making toys by learning and understanding ways of recycling, reducing and reusing stuff at a place that will for sure take you closest to the nature @“Cuckoo Forest School”!

Subid, a disciple of Mr.Arvind Gupta, an environment and human rights activist, is well known for his ‘Ahimsa toys’ made of waste material. With a Master’s in Industrial and Product Design from IIT Delhi he enjoys making toys and also teaches the art of making them.

In his own words, “I help kids make simple toys, who are mostly accustomed to use and throw toys. I do not stress on text book education. They will learn a lot when they make it by themselves”

What you will learn
Subid IITian turned Toy maker will show ways of looking at trash to make wonderful toys and which can reduce the garbage mountain surrounding us. Apart from the toy making activities there will be discussions, cultural events and movies in the evenings.

The hands-on workshop will start on the 28th Sept, 10AM and will conclude on 30th Sept 2015, 5PM.

Accommodation and food
For sure you will not find sophisticated infrastructure on the site, however accommodation covering basic needs will be provided. In short, you will be very close to nature surrounded by a mind blowing landscape smile emoticon
Tents and toilets are installed on the site and all 3 meals will be provided to the participants.

Have a subtle torch, we don’t want to disturb the nights.
Carry a good hat and a water bottle that you can fill on site.
You can also bring bed-sheets/blankets for the night.

Address: Cuckoo Forest School, Puliyanur Village, Singarapettai, Tamil Nadu
GPS (exact location): 12.279661, 78.642571
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/t0zlw

The workshop is free.
However, the budget of the cuckoo movement being extremely limited, we ask you to consider giving a small contribution for the food and stay if you feel like.
All accounts will be transparently shared.
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 500/-
Please mention the participant’s full name in the purpose transfer.

Account details :
Cuckoo Charitable Trust,
A/c No : 911020026753178,
Axis Bank : Tiruvannamalai Branch,
IFSC Code: UTIB0000799

Got any questions? Please do call Cuckoo School @ 95852 19022. We will be more than happy to help you with all the information that you would need.

About Organizers
This workshop is being organized as a combined effort from Cuckoo Movement & Vrksa LifeSpace.

Ahimsa Toys
Ahimsa toys vision is to ensure the availability of good traditional toys eco and child friendly ones and try to produce new ones. Subid as a key entity driving Ahimsa Toys consistently conveys through his workshops that, “Nothing is 'waste' if we realize the potential of each material. Use our brain, don't waste time and resources too”. At Ahimsa toys they see this as a “samaram”, should ‘samaram’ be translated as a protest, it is a protest against the existing educational systems which, according to Subid, turns children into puppets.

The belief behind the workshops is, children who learn the value of creativity, leave the way of violence - hence Ahimsa Toys!


For online learning of making toys out of Trash materials, please visit:

The Cuckoo Movement for Children
An informal group of friends and volunteers who has been working with rural children of Tamil Nadu since 2004. They have established libraries and nurseries in villages across the state, organizing plenty of creative activities. They also partner with local schools to introduce the kids to traditional folk arts, music, martial arts, theatre, organic farming, engaging them in exciting discussions on socio-political and environmental issues, organizing movie projections, etc.
Over the years, the dream of the Cuckoo movement members to establish an alternative school dedicated to rural children has grown bigger and bigger. They purchased collectively seven acres of land at the foothills of the Jawadhu Hills, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. A beautiful place close to nature, at the border of the forest where lesser privileged children will be able to get access to free education. The school infrastructure setup is in the initial stages, though it is good to host workshops like this.


Vrksa LifeSpace
A platform for meetups, workshops and trainings to Explore, Experience & Embrace minimalistic living through collaborative learning. Vrksa’s vision is to focus on identifying a lifestyle that’s being less reliant on the system and become self-sufficient. Vrksa’s mission is to collaboratively build with hope, optimism, and creativity for more sustainable ways of living.
We strongly believe in bringing the change together. To encourage, help learn, unlearn and to promote sustainable lifestyle to interested people, we constantly work closely with individuals and groups of people who are just not aligned but live a day to day sustainable lifestyle.

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திங்கள், செப்டம்பர் 28, 2015 - 9:00am
Cuckoo Forest School, Puliyanur Village singarapettai, Tamil Nadu
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