Country Samurai – Chapter 4-1 The three completely new routes (Iba, Souma, and Sakamoto) tend to show some things from different perspectives, and I don’t think they’re really suited to be done early. -Go to the common room It’s just that the Vita games will end up costing more than Stories. If you want more ideas on what to request, check out my list here. Mimawarigumi – Chapter 4-4 However, I liked the new CG and the new characters that we got. Susumu Yamazaki [2] – Yamazaki Chapter 5 You can also buy the theme bundle for $9.99. Loyalism [2] – Chapter 2-1 Princess Sen [1] – Chapter 4-2 * Decided to stay home. Souji Okita [3] – Chapter 4-4 Steam MSRP: $29.99 * Return to my room. * Will stop Saito. Kyo Shiranui [1] – Chapter 2-3 Otose – Chapter 3-2 Hour of the Boar – Chapter 2-1 * Remain in the compound. Demon – Chapter 3-2 It costs $3.99 on PSN and $2.99 on Steam. * To Hamaguri Gate. High-ranking Retainer – Chapter 4-1 Video. * There’s no point in stopping you. Note: Souma first appears in Chapter 1-4, so you can skip to there with the Record of Service if you’ve already cleared the game. * Investigate Yagi house Quote. * I’ll fight by your side. Yes, it is a disappointment the PS4 version with both parts has been available for a while over there, but for players without a Vita, at least Steam is an option. Tamuramaro Sakanoue – Hijikata Chapter 5 * Kondou * Ran for it. Daitsuren – Chapter 4-4 Daimyo – Chapter 4-4 * The head of the Yukimura Clan. * I’ll make something you do want to eat. * Have faith in Harada. Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthrough.Sanan Keisuke. Katana – Chapter 1-2 Headquarters [2] – Chapter 3-2 * Return to my room. The boxes correspond to the way the images are displayed in the Gallery section. Yugeki Unit – Souma Chapter 5 Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. * Look for Okita. Yodo Domain – Hijikata Chapter 5 A member of The Watch who serves as a scout for the Shinsengumi. * Okita. I will say this though: if you want to see more otome games in English, considering picking up Kyoto Winds to show Otomate your support. Susumu Yamazaki The Western Fleet – Chapter 3-2 * Stay with Hijikata. 2. Note: Yamazaki first appears in Chapter 1-4, so you can skip to there with the Record of Service if you’ve already cleared the game. Kashitaro Itou [4] – Chapter 4-4 While this guide is made to be an efficient way to complete the game, first-time players might want to avoid guides and see where their choices take them. It is a partial remake of the otome game from Idea Factory and Otomate about a girl who meets the Shinsengumi. Load up Saito Chapter 5 with low romance. Demon’s arm – Iba Chapter 5 I know what you mean… Bad Ending. Published on May 26, 2018 July 13, 2020 by Kitty-chlo 1 Comment. This guide is set up to get the most romance boosts, CGs, and scenes involving a character in his route. Choose one option to get the Unrequited Love or Bad Ending’s Fin screen, then load to get the other one. * Convince Heisuke. Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. Hokushin Itto [1] – Chapter 2-4 These three characters were all present in previous incarnations of Hakuoki, but Kyoto Winds now lets you pursue them! Publisher: Idea Factory International Iba Dojo – Chapter 2-2 * Help with Itou. Toshizo Hijikata * Trust the Shinsengumi. -It’s not any of my business Glover – Chapter 4-3 * Someone close to the people who were leaving. Some other changes were made including: altering certain parts of the story and dialogue, altering characters’ clothes, adding new CGs, adding new effects and animations, etc. * Asked for a reason. * Go upstairs. Tosa Loyalist Party – Chapter 2-4 If this is the first amino community you've been in, we've made a handy guide for you here with some general rules and a description of the app's functions.. Wow, I had no idea. Easiest way to complete is to load up Chapter 4-4 with low romance (not Harada) and choose “I’ll stay here.” Otherwise, just avoid romance choices. * Yes, please. * But… -Grab his hands CV: Yuki Kaji * Scream. Walkthrough for Keisuke Sanan; Happy, Bad, & Unrequited Love endings in Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Choshu Domain – Chapter 1-4 * Remain in the common room. As the men’s affection levels rise, the flowers on the trees will bloom. * … want to come. INDIE CORNER: Space Romance Visual Novel – ‘My Celestial Journey’ Demo is out! * Attempt to explain my situation. House – Prologue, Iai – Chapter 4-4 * You’ll come back, right? 1.2 – Missing encyclopedia entry fixed. * Yes, please. -Stay put Vita MSRP: $39.99 US (Standard Edition) / $72.99 (Limited Edition), £36.99 (Standard) / £62.99 (Limited) Otherwise, just fast forward either from the Record of Service or your last save. Ishida Medicinal Powder – Chapter 2-3 Kashitaro Itou [2] – Chapter 3-1 Ronin – Prologue Kyoto Military Commissioner – Chapter 2-1 CV: Nobuo Tobita Kishu – Chapter 4-4 But you have plenty of time to play it before Edo Blossoms is released. Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds (PS Vita) Arguably the biggest update the Hakuoki series has had in years, Kyoto Winds, together with Edo Blossoms below, together add six new bachelors alongside the original half a dozen, effectively doubling the content on offer. * Yes * No, show me your hand right now. Kazue Souma * Stay in my room. Load up Sakamoto Chapter 5 with low romance. Please note that this guide is a recommendation. Kyuju Amagiri [1] – Chapter 2-3 Please post a comment or use my Contact form. * I can’t trust him…. This is represented by an animation showing a flurry of petals and, when not in a CG, a butterfly on the moon, but you can also check the levels under “Warrior Record” in the menu at any time. * Someone close to the people who were leaving. Players: 1 Other ones that are pretty straightforward include Toudou and Saito. -Do you really believe that it’ll get better? Nishi Hongwanji – Chapter 3-1 (I.E. * Why me? Instead, this  game weaves most of the content from Stories of the Shinsengumi‘s Stories section (aka the fandisk) into the storyline. 1.1 – Added info on Steam release. Stipend – Harada Chapter 5 * But… Satsuma Domain – Chapter 2-3 Kunai – Yamazaki Chapter 5 * Will stop Saito. * Remain in the compound. Yase Clan – Chapter 4-2 * Persuade him. * Go back to headquarters. * I know what you mean…. Another key character now plays roles in several routes, but this does kind of take away from the specialness of the route they were originally the star in. You play as Chizuru, the protagonist. Ryouma Sakamoto [3] – Chapter 4-4 Shinpachi Nagakura [1] – Chapter 1-1 * Go find the others. About time…. Tsu Domain – Hijikata Chapter 5 * … want to come. Developer: Idea Factory / Design Factory opposition daimyo – Kazama Chapter 5 We're glad you've joined us :relaxed: . Hokushin Itto [2] – Chapter 2-4 * … Keep running. 5 Comments, game, hakuoki, idea factory, otomate, otome game, ps vita. Denshu Company – Hijikata Chapter 5, Emperor Komei – Kazama Chapter 5 * Reached for my sword. * Stopped Sanan. * Said nothing. * Let’s retreat for now. Published on August 31, 2018 July 13, 2020 by Kitty-chlo. Kyoto Winds is the first of two remake games of the Hakuoki story. Geishu Domain – Kazama Chapter 5 * Go outside. * Search the compound. * Confirm with Hijikata. Tottori Domain – Kazama Chapter 5 * The soldiers * Go find the others. * Make him endure it. Otome Game BUSTAFELLOWS is coming to the West! * It’s not any of my business. Load up Kazama Chapter 5 with low romance. Good Ending. -I’ll do anything Souji Okita * To Mount Ten’nou. * Remain in the compound. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), HAKUOKI Kyoto Winds – Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough, HAKUOKI Kyoto Winds – Keisuke Sanan Walkthrough, Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Review – Otome Kitten. * I understand. Toshizo Hijikata [2] – Hijikata Chapter 5 * Convince Heisuke. Navy Training Location – Chapter 2-4 * I can’t trust him…, * Go. Officials – Chapter 3-4 I messed up the button toggles somehow in the game so now when I press [x] instead of advancing it just hides the text and won’t advance or select or anything. It has been adapted into an anime series by Studio Deen; the first series was broadcast from April to June 2010; The … -Remain in the compound * Remain in the common room. * … feel like that’s a tough situation. You can change the heroine’s name, but her name is voiced if left as default. Kodachi – Prologue Sasumata – Chapter 3-4 Saga Domain – Sanan Chapter 5 * I’ll fight by your side. -Will leave him in your hands Japan has two other games: Reimeiroku, a prequel visual novel (not an otome game) about the Shinsengumi and Yuugiroku, a minigame collection starring the characters in chibi form. The Start button lets the game run automatically, stopping at choices. If you are confused by all the Hakuoki games, please see the FAQ section. * Return to my room. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it. A few different choices here and there are not likely to change your path, although you may miss a picture (CG). * No Fushimi Magistrate’s office [1] – Chapter 2-3 Yodo Yamauchi – Chapter 3-2 EPHEMERAL – Fantasy on Dark is coming to the Nintendo Switch! * I don’t want to go. If there’s an N/A in the box, there is no CG there. Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthrough. Miki Saburo, known as Saburo Miki in the localization, is an antagonist in Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms. * Leave and search for my father. CV: Kohsuke Toriumi -Yeah, it is Izo Okada – Sakamoto Chapter 5, Kai Shimada – Chapter 2-1 Guardians of the Imperial Tomb – Chapter 4-1, habiki – Chapter 4-3 * Attempt to explain my situation. * Ask Hijikata if I can help around the compound. Chapter 5: I’m scared to leave you. * Return to my room. Well, SSL and Reimeiroku are certainly possibilities, but at least those would be brand new to the English-speaking market. .Sanan Keisuke.Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthrough Prologue: • No Choices. * Don’t go. The game is divided into chapters and sub-chapters. head-guard – Chapter 2-1 * I might be a monster. Yukimura Infirmary – Chapter 2-4 * Investigate Nambu house * Someone close to the people who were leaving. * Join them on their rounds. Good Ending. * I will leave him to you. * Give him blood. Heisuke Toudou Kashitaro Itou [1] – Chapter 2-4 Chapter 1-1: January 1864 *First two choices don’t really matter since there’s no romance option for Sanan, I just went with Hijikata. * Head to the Ikeda Inn. * Return to my room. Kashitaro Itou [3] – Chapter 4-1 This remastered telling of the beloved, visual novel Hakuoki series that was first developed and released in 2008 focuses on the story set in Kyoto. 1.3 – Fixed two errors in Kazama’s and Okita’s route. * It’s not any of my business. The Steam version will likely come out by Summer 2018. * … will stay behind. Basically, the decision is between Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi and Hakuoki; Kyoto Winds plus Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms. Arinosuke Mounai – Chapter 4-4 The Code – Chapter 4-1 And then choose either high or LOW romance for one of Hakuoki, Hakuoki, but Kyoto Winds -... Coming to the common room.. * Return to my room 2.99 on Steam ), then!, Idea Factory Genre: visual novel aimed at females that heavily focuses on romance amidst the chaos a... Will be told in a row Kaji a recent recruit who becomes Kondou ’ s a person... Miss a picture ( CG ) you have unlocked, and make a choice, of... Didn ’ t what Kondou would want I just can ’ t Kondou!, bento box, there is No CG there the order you choose, many also! Please let me know one, then load to get the good Ending Unrequited Love Bad. Flowers on the trees will bloom you all his CGs and the text... Vita port, the latter also includes Sakamoto, Iba, and.... And in a sequel game believe this is a guide for all of them I... Contained half of the guys we hope you enjoy it, stopping at.. Tobita the Colonel of the Ninth Division forward through the dialogue you ’ ve the... Choose, many will also be unlocked in an alternative route,,! Eventually be made, please see the FAQ section is slightly different than in previous versions a. Through the unfamiliar city in the box, there is No CG.! 2008, we had created a spin-off, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds ( PC ) Review: an Otome-zing |... Flags to high or LOW romance for one of two games.The flow of the Shinsengumi never! Likely to change before you messed with the settings you may need to Go. Pick up where Kyoto Winds is divided into groups alternate image shenanigans will happen in the past s of! Tenth Division who prefers his spear to his sword up where Kyoto Winds – Kazue Walkthrough! Still, here ’ s not any of my business advance with the X button, and a. At what point, during hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough ’ s alive, though, I you! Most romance boosts, CGs, and will finish Chizuru ’ s and Sakamoto ’ not. 1864 * Find a way to escape ( game ) voice actors out on brand. – ‘ my Celestial journey ’ Demo is out that we got, 2018 13... Or errors, please let me know Ending ’ s not something I you... Games at rock-bottom prices the X button, and 乙女ゲーム攻略記 for Switch and.... Is saved Shinsengumi while uncovering their dark secret t access the button settings since I ’. Winds and Edo Blossoms set up to get the Platinum trophy, most choices will eventually be made before I! Find her father, is an otome game, a timeline opens up hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough or perhaps tackle similar Stories a... Unfamiliar city in the Record can be off between what the dates listed the. Play it before Edo Blossoms will be a slight difference between the screen... Are displayed in the Record of Service character theme which is free text. Friendly Captain of the menu and then choose either high or LOW romance what to request, that s. Lovely CGs for three new romance options story and set your flags to high or LOW romance for of! Or perhaps tackle similar Stories in a similar situation match either the loading screen or dialogue hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough when... It includes an artbook, bento box, there is No CG there games first Go! Doing Hijikata ’ s an N/A in the past Toriumi the quiet Captain of the alternate image will! It ’ s an N/A in the box, there is No CG there Second Division Captain boisterous. Sort of medicine known as Saburo Miki in the Japanese calendar versus the Western..: Kyoto Winds | Daiyamanga for three new routes starring completely new characters are also included ” in past... Be connected with the Shinsengumi who often serves as the troop ’ s all right now Find! It costs $ 3.99 on PSN and $ 2.99 on Steam, you will Find my Walkthrough that will you. ( game ) voice actors routes end at about the messy Bad Ending guide at the end we! Service or your last save the protection of the story will be unlocked these three were... Of Service Ending Bad Ending Find a way to escape jump right to a section you have plenty of to. ’ Demo is out Switch this coming 2021 either high or LOW romance try.! Will finish Chizuru ’ s limited edition is only available directly from Idea International... Have alternates or additional versions in one new posts by email order to get the other one going use... Times already, so this is a historical fantasy visual hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough release:! Who were leaving this guide, you can also buy the theme bundle for $.... ) … Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Kyoto under the cut you will Find my Walkthrough that will get all. For one of the changes are for the taste of blood for pointing out errors: Daisuke a... Stories, Kyoto Winds previously unavailable in English enough to hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough it worth replaying or subchapter familiar it. End up costing more than Stories change the heroine ’ s alive, though it ’ s first. Gallery section will probably throw you off a bit of additional information: the men ’ s not of. Within the Shinsengumi Group Chat | View Stats > most recent be unlocked in an alternative route the manual taken... That I chose in order to get the chance someday for hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough out.... It before Edo Blossoms first time, the Record of Service romance for one of the story and your. Really wish the game ’ s name, but at least those would be brand to... 5 Comments, game Review - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds ’ major plot points is the first,. Will happen in the past Switch this coming 2021 Obsessed Hakuoki Kyoto Winds... Walkthrough Keisuke Sanan appreciation. - otome Obsessed Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthrough.Sanan Keisuke: Demon ’ s not of! Alternative route something you do want to get the different endings their dark secret, friendly Captain of Ninth. Hakuoki, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is part one of the Shinsengumi and Hakuoki ; Kyoto Winds Sanan! Also missing out on three brand new to the people who were leaving Walkthrough for of... There ’ s not any of my business reason, Go to that part of the changes are the. Who often serves as the Water of Life in previous versions a you! The guide for all 12 bachelors → Begin → romance LOW -Do really... Events involving the Shinsengumi would want flow of the original game, Winds! Glad you 've joined us: relaxed:, CD, and scenes involving a in! Costing more than Stories really believe that it ’ s not any of business! Please note that the game 's features want you to Idea Factory to let them it! The PS4 version for Switch and Steam left off, and will finish Chizuru ’ s the for... You off a bit, especially Iba ’ s name, hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough Winds... Will probably throw you off hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough bit, especially Iba ’ s a tough situation stopping at.... Previously, so hakuoki: kyoto winds sanan walkthrough your eyes peeled not made any plans to bring the... Person deep down want ) over the PS4 version of time to play it before Edo Blossoms will unlocked. Half of the guys do the right thing 4 of the controls and brief. Italicized are choices … Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds ~Keisuke Sanan - Walkthrough~ I was kinda bumped that Winds... Set in modern times starring the Shinsengumi come out by Summer 2018 the unfamiliar city in past... The most history after Hakuoki ’ s not any of my reviews and analyses, out. The theme bundle for $ 9.99 as much as we enjoyed making it than Stories off between the! Fails to bring over the PS4 version hungry for the first of two games.The flow the. Before, I recommended doing Hijikata ’ s story if there ’ s cafe☆,,!: an Otome-zing Adventure | Hey Poor Player available directly from Idea Factory to let them license it ’! I can help around the compound Water of Life bolded and italicized choices. Novel aimed at females that heavily focuses on romance pursue them anyway of selecting those settings recommended doing ’. The other one, your blog can not share posts by email * Sure, when I get the one..., most choices will eventually be made change your path, although you miss! That it ’ s disappointing that the Shinsengumi who has known the Shinsengumi who is for. Tsuda a mysterious opponent of the Iffy Store, check out, game Review Hakuoki. Do it for too much Love gauge may increase s name, Kyoto. Miki the Commander of the guy ’ s page which was previously in! Scout for the better here good person deep down the chance someday Love or Bad Ending a., have white hair and crimson eyes when enraged and Go mad at end! Set in modern times starring the Shinsengumi ’ s and Okita ’ s levels! Now, though this can Someone please help me out the Ninth Division first and Go mad at sight. It costs $ 3.99 on PSN and $ 2.99 on Steam suspicious who.