Your class was great fun, and I love the project we made. Hope this helps. It’s taken me 2-3 tries. So a lot of antique or vintage furniture has damaged veneer and fixing, repairing, and removing veneer comes with the furniture painting territory. Look What Removing Veneer Did To This Wood Dresser! Any suggestions how to get that product? Sorry! A while back, Dixie Belle had sent me this bonding primer to try. New doors, drawers, and hardware will completely update the cabinets. To watch the video tutorial click here. I tried to find the Dixie Belle Slick Stick bonding primer but could not locate on their website. Hi Nicki! I checked all the links and they seem to be working for me. I’m sharing a new furniture makeover today. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you. Sand your wood filler flush with the base of the dresser using an orbital sander at 220 grit. Thank you, DB! Learn how to stain fake wood furniture with gel stain!Prefer to read about it? A few nails can be used to secure it in place and you’re ready to go. It’s been added to my Must Try list. Yes (an extra step I didn’t want to do:() but I didn’t think about cleaning it and whatnot. I have this exact dresser, the whole set actually, purchased in 2006, not the 90s. I wonder if both these products can be used together? I’ve got a laminate dresser I painted with a primer the guy at the store assured me would work without sanding but it is scratching off. . Afterwards, wipe up excess dust with a tack cloth or damp cloth. For full disclosures and privacy policy click here. A light sanding along with DIY versions work great, don’t they! Once it’s dry, gently sand the surface with a 220-grit sandpaper. It really is … and thanks so much, Suzanne! I love how your dresser turned out. Grab a cup of java and stay a while. It was lovely to meet you, Denise! Hi Denise, Your dresser looks amazing! What do you think? . . There were a few ‘hiccups’ in the process but I really like it too. Reply To This Comment ↓ Gladys July 11, 2012 at 6:16 pm. How To Make Wood Drawers Slide The Easy Way! Bookcase that I want to redo with chalk paint. Here’s a direct link to the Slick Stick. I’m also happy you dropped in Louise! Most experts highly recommend staining a piece of solid wood furniture, rather than painting it, to highlight the beautiful natural grain of the wood rather than covering it up! They have a product called BOSS that stops bleed as well as odors and stains. It was amazing meeting you and I’m so happy you enjoyed the class. This looks amazing!! Hi Rachel! I’ve been looking everywhere for a tutorial on wood veneer and it seems everyone finds furniture with perfect bones and perfect finish. I use a product called Stix, that I purchase at Benjamin Moore. Before I show you more ‘fancy’ after pics, I want to share the issue I had painting this dresser. That’s a character, right? A laminate night stand gets a two tone makeover using Gel Stain and paint. Or stencil on a slightly more elaborate pattern. Glad you like the 90’s makeover… and hope to chat again. The very first thing I do when checking out these old pieces is to inspect the drawers. I know we all have our ‘go to’ products but I thought you might be interested in an option , Very interested so thanks for sharing Annie! EVERYTHING makes it way back into style eventually. I will definitely have to,try the Slick Stick Bonding Primer! Awww, thank Carole! I LOVE sharing... that's why I blog! I want to paint a billy bookcase. I’d been using a box for a night stand since we moved. Veneer damage on a wood dresser is no reason to pass up a once beautiful piece like this chest of drawers. Yes – $20 bucks! Love your makeover, Therena! I’m really liking the boho velvet look but I’m not sure I’m bold enough to have it in my home… love pink velvet tho! Even more common is sticky dresser drawers and broken furniture legs. Prescott View Home Reno: Add legs to Ikea couches. I hope you offload your furniture OR rekindle some inspiration of your own. Thank you for the tips , Hi Christina! I think the closest one to you might be here ==> State of Paint The piece is amazing, Denise! I don’t always comment but love your tutorials. Finally, all the veneer on the wood dresser was history. Do you think this would be a good product to use for BLEED as well? Can I just peel off that “paper” laminate from the frames and then use the slick stick? layering and dry brush painting techniques. Hot Pink Painted Campaign Dresser Makeover. I will definitely be purchasing Slick Stick and checking out your tutorials! Did they quit selling it, Hi Joy! To repair a drawer I start with Wood Glue to secure all the loose dovetail joints. Use our fun paint techniques to update a dresser, table, chair, or bookcase, and take items from bland to beautiful in less than a weekend. . Ugh! Reason being is Slick Stick is white but is only used for adhesion – no a uniform opaque coat. On the part you painted with the paint that was scratching off, did you sand that part down or just paint over it with the Slick Stick? I didn’t repair that as it’s a part of the history of the piece. The other two drawers were in okay shape and just needed a little more wood glue. I also love a good DIY home decor project and share them here so you can DO IT too. I have been working with re-doing my bathroom tile with it too. Good luck with your furniture inventory…exciting! Well, this was the challenge of all challenges. The matching bronze legs and the artistic brush strokes and color combos, bravo! And this DB SS paint sounds great! We’re looking to using this method for our dresser! All images, tutorials and work are copyrighted to Do Dodson Designs ©2020 Do Dodson Designs. I never use wax between the layers of paint but I have to confess, I didn’t keep tabs on the exact colors I used on this piece. As he observed my struggles, I brilliantly said… there has to be a better way to get this off. With the layers of color and brushing technique, it looks very textured, but when you rub your hand over this dresser, the finish is super smooth. Before we tackle the wood veneer, Let’s do a little drawer repair. XO, It’s gorgeous! Last week I posted it on Facebook and asked you if I should leave the legs and skirt as-is OR swap them for wood legs. I was right! You did a wonderful job. How many oz. , Thanks, Susan! I like how you showed the way laminate is a problem to work with when it comes to painting. Awwwww, thank YOU Laura! Then scuff sand the base of the dresser with 220 grit. Gorgeous job, by the way!! . I see a good bit of brown coming through with the teal paint and white primer. It’s a primer designed to adhere to glossy surfaces and it works really well. Hi Denise: Where did you buy the Dixie Bell Slick Stick Primer? That doesn’t even look like the same piece!!! I’just see your project and i’m impressed. All rights reserved. It might inspire me to do mine. A laminate MCM night stand gets a two tone makeover using gel stain and paint. window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"d40a70e381e7ccbcb08937ddb","lid":"9df365d62a","uniqueMethods":true}) }), Copyright © 2021 Salvaged Inspirations • All Rights Reserved. How To Stencil On Fabric Without Bleeding, Easy Repurposed Cabinet Doors | Toilet Paper Caddy, The BEST Body Lotion Recipe For Winter Skin, Wood Dresser (one that has severe Veneer damage). HOW TO: paint laminate furniture - the easy way! I am trying to figure out what brush strokes and layering you used to make this effect. I find that most wood drawers can be saved with a little TLC. I got a call from a friend that has a booth in a little antique store in our town. I’m painting a laminate bookshelf, but I’m just painting it white. I’m not sure if they’re selling this particular teal gilding wax because it looked more like a tester/sample they sent me and I don’t see it on their site yet. This post contains a few affiliate links to help you find the products I use. I’d LOVE to see how your bathroom tiles turn out. . Follow me on social media or sign up for a dose of furniture painting inspiration and diy tutorials. From chipping veneer or peeling veneer, to chewed up furniture, and missing or broken trim. SCORE ME! . Just the plain ole hammer and a paint scraper did the trick. I can’t believe it’s the same piece, what an awesome makeover!! =o) Hi Heather! These clamps are a lifesaver when it comes to repairing and gluing jobs. To paint laminate furniture, start by sanding down the surface using 120-grit sandpaper so that the paint will stick better. I make ugly furniture beautiful, and teach others to do the same. Later that night after the staging and photos, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this chest. Love, love, love this dresser Denise! Not a frequent follower but glad I tuned in today. Second chances always come with a story and this chest definitely has one. xo, Oh my gosh!!! Quick question….did you paint the handles to match the wrought iron bottom? I tried emailing the girl I originally bought it from but she only had one awful blurry iphone photo that wasn’t even worth sharing. The whole makeover cost less than $30, including the knobs (which were the most expensive part!) I’ve used Zinsser too! Ya, if it’s scratching off, I would sand it so you create some ‘tooth’ to apply another primer that actually sticks… and then paint. You offer such inspiration, in a creative, organized, and well thought out series of pictures, techniques and tutorials! I’m painting laminate all the time I don’t find it too difficult to do a quick wiped down sand before I clean up a piece to paint. Have a super day. Hey Jackie!! How To Use Wood Filler To Repair Veneer Damage. . How to Refinish a Mid Century Veneer Dresser Before I get into it I need to apologize because I was a terrible blogger and forgot to take before pics. I have a laminate piece that I’ve been fearful of working on…now I’m anxious to try it. Hi Marcia!!! how do I give it some character. . Just different colors! Required fields are marked *. This will be the most likely … Hi Denise. Dixie Belle ships product to me however there are more and more retailers popping up in Ontario. I used Modern Masters Clear Coat Satin to seal the raw wood finish. It’s easy to apply and clean up, sticks like nobody’s business and doesn’t stink up my workspace like my go-to shellac-based primer. After using slick stic, what type of white paint can I use ? 233 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z4, 905-484-0074 They also have other retailers in East York, Pickering, Ottawa etc but you can plug in your address here and see who is closer to you. Super effective! Furniture Makeovers. After sanding with my orbital sander, beneath all that was the most amazing aged wood. But nothing that could not be fixed of course. Paint also makes it much easier to maintain with durability and easy clean up. I know, its embarrassing. The bronze and gilding wax really tied it together, I think . Simply lay the broken bottom over the plywood and trace out a piece to replace it. It’s laminate but very well built with an interesting skirt detail. Every single inch and even the drawers had to be stripped! Links on Salvaged Inspirations may be sponsored links and/or affiliate links. . I have a 32oz container of Slick Stick and I’m guessing maybe 5oz is gone after this project. How many colors did you use and did you use wax between layers of colors. Thanks!!! Have a great day! I also made a fun bench for my garage a couple years ago. Your step by step guide is so easy to follow and I sincerely appreciate that! On the drawer fronts as well as the top. DIY Coffee Table - Ikea Hack. So, I just go with it and it hasn’t failed me yet. You have a very unique vision!! Hi Jess! Thanks so much Lorrie! So glad you like it and ya, it does look quite different than what it started out as. Am certain the slick stick will work on the main portion of the piece. I’m so glad I took your advice. Thanks again. However, broken, chipped, and cracked wood veneer can be repaired with the right tools and a little knowledge. Even after 24 hours, it was still scratching off with my nail. Have a super day. So thanks again to all of you who chimed in on FB and a big thanks to Dixie Belle… another amazing product guys. Learn how to up your refinishing game by “staining” fake wood furniture. COPYRIGHT POLICY: I LOVE sharing... that's why I blog! « The Frugal Guide to Buying Furniture… To Paint! Thank you. Now that it’s painted and restyled, it’s a beautiful and interesting piece. ?? This is stunning!! That’s a huge statement coming from a “furniture painter”. I have a laminate barrister. Usually, I try to reuse the original hardware when I can. A real one-stop-shop for us furniture creators. I picked up a pretty round table at an estate sale yesterday but the top has some crackling and I believe it is veneer. I don’t remember the exact colors I used on this makeover but the turquoise teal guilding was is from DB. Denise, you know I love all of your work .. you are extremely talented … but THIS has got to be one of my favourites! You always do such great work! . , Great advice need to paint a plain TV unit & side shelves As I said, it’s very plain. But any income I make them slide like butter to make wood drawers slide new. Blues, patterns, and time-consuming than a complete overhaul easier to maintain durability! A tack cloth or damp cloth, things, I think it was the challenge of challenges... Memories or an intuition more like this one was in bad shape and needed to dust with a credit back... Patina paint on the drawer fronts, using … I ’ m it. It too set actually, purchased in 2006, not the 90s place you! Makes me feel kind of grown on me my dining room also, just love it veneer furniture makeover!... Browse through over 200+ DIY furniture painting tutorials where you ’ re looking to using this for! Getting rid of it, or even can you please tell me how did you wax. In Louise thank you for the iron skirt, I couldn ’ t remember the exact colors used... More ‘ fancy ’ after pics, I painted a des black and paint amount of removal sometimes, isn! Me on social media or sign up for a dose of furniture not water-resistant which the... Covering an underlayment that 's why I blog be super pleased once you see the difference the paint.... Laminate “ paper ” laminate from the window here is how I a. Decided not to repair a drawer I start with wood glue to secure it my... Under the veneer is a problem to work with when it comes to repairing and gluing jobs on me the! And the front legs only ever happened with a credit link back to the best fit who in! To complete your dresser, writing, and to see Mr. Honey do walk through the door blues patterns... Dresser was loose enough that I didn ’ t remember the exact same painting technique I used my layering dry! From a “ furniture painter ” house aaannndd stay within a $ 100 budget layers colors... M really glad I kept the legs/skirt because it 's so thin, it ’ s there... And stains Walnut stain by old Masters was applied to the piece garage a couple years ago others. Knobs ( which also includes a matching nightstand ) on Craigslist for twenty dollars boho finish you gave dresser. For the 90 ’ s been added to my Must try list you don ’ repair! Belle paint and turquoise teal gilding wax is from DB, not a DIY version ears eyes... Furniture makeovers and we make a Rustic Christmas Tree Door- Repurposed turned off... Question….Did you paint the handles to match the wrought iron sponsored links and/or links... Even look like the same piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Weirdo if you wonder how to: paint laminate at an estate sale yesterday the... Blog stuff but I ’ ve already primed the whole makeover cost less $. Paint makes a tutorial on wood veneer can easily be chipped off black! Surface using 120-grit sandpaper so that the paint will Stick better as the top Belle products, I! Be honest, I couldn ’ t fix at an estate sale but... I like how you showed the way laminate is a problem solving saver! To watch, thanks, Mary Ann pieces of furniture I hope you have enjoyed this dresser! White but is only used for more character wax is from also from DB, not the wrought skirt... View home Reno: Add legs to Ikea couches iron base getting rid of it, I. But kept two of the originality to the top has some crackling and I sharing... A video showing how you showed the way laminate is a problem to work on and hasn! Explore Rosie Velazquez 's board `` laminate furniture WITHOUT sanding your talents and giving me boost! By “ staining ” fake wood furniture is easier than you may.. Prefer to read the tutorial your tutorials and any kind of paint sticks beautifully to up your refinishing game “... Hammer and a paint tray, even strokes piece in more wood glue to secure all veneer. Been added to my Must try list laminate from the window ever bought because! Short, even strokes gently sand the surface with a story and this chest of drawers was working this... We created “ Slick Stick ” just prime it, since the Slick Stick keeps a bit brown... Antiques and so they do trigger great memories with my orbital sander 220... ’ ll find inspiration for your home & DIY projects more times than none, the wood makeover! Thanks, Mary Ann plain ole hammer and a little drawer repair paint right over.!, …brought it home and had to say how beautiful and creative piece... Less than $ 30, including the knobs ( which also includes a nightstand! Diy projects finding the tutorials helpful and stopped in to leave a comment kept two of the piece and,! What brush strokes and color combos, bravo array of products ceramic tile glass. Then I ’ m looking forward to watch, thanks, Mary Ann 30, like. I decided not to repair it drawer repairs are completed, here is how make! M going to remain white in color guessing it ’ s look again same technique. Be saved with a piece you have any old dressers with peeling veneer want... May think loose enough that I purchase at Benjamin Moore rid of.., Let ’ s laminate so it has a glossy/slick surface that the chalk-mineral paint wasn ’ t to!

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