Method 2: Using Tools (Change Text Formatting To Bold, Italic, Underline on Facebook Post) To do this, I found a website where we can do necessary formatting and then copy the text from there to the Facebook post. This page is maintained by a member of the American Postal Workers Union, Local #618, in Indiana. The Postal Service has filed another of its reports explaining districts with low inbound or outbound processing scores. The new rate authorities will take some time to go into effect in a price hike, almost certainly not before summer 2021. The new system also gives the Postal Service authority for an additional 2 percent increase for products that don’t cover their attributable costs. In response to several inquiries from members of Congress, the Office of Inspector General has issued a report  on “Operational Changes to Mail Delivery.” The report discusses the Postal Service’s plan to eliminate 64 million work hours — the equivalent of 33,000 jobs — by implementing 57 cost-cutting initiatives. 241.3, which includes a feasibility study, questionnaires to postal customers, a public meeting, an opportunity to submit comments, access to the administrative record, and the right to appeal to the PRC. There are even color-coordinated palette sets and font sets grouped by style. Just yesterday, minutes after the order was posted on the PRC website, DeadTreeEdition, a highly respected blog that covers the print business and postal issues, posted a tweet about the new order saying, “If you’re involved in mailing or #printmedia, stay tuned. Aside from the problems arising due to COVID-19 (including a severe decrease in mass mailings), since 2006, the USPS has been forced by Congress to fully fund pensions for all employees 75 years in advance. In the Carolina district, 2404 total without destination scans, 1204 confidence they were expedited, 1200 to investigate. Release the rediculis requirement to pay for retirements 75 years in advance. Use the Post Office. Makes a great gift! The propaganda wing…. Here’s a chart showing First Class service performance since the first of the year. Durchstöbere Zazzles Post Save-The-Date Kollektion noch heute. That’s compared to the 92 percent for First Class in FY 2019 and FY 2020 before operational changes went into effect. Having chosen to serve political goals rather than the American public during a national crisis, they have proven themselves unfit. Click the Save post option to save the selected post. In a separate filing, the Postal Service provided a list of the number of ballots that were delivered Express in each district over the three days Nov. 1- Nov. 3. The second factor ties the above-CPI authority to Congressionally-required amortization payments for retirement health benefit and pension costs. All of our fundraising emails should direct you to web pages with as part of the web address. The Commission has dismissed several similar appeals on contract offices over the past decade, and most likely it will follow its own precedents and do so again. For example, one recent article put it this way: “Nearly 7 percent of ballots in U.S. Miss Lee is a frequent visitor to this area and was de­lighted with the addition of this facility. This week there have been several significant revelations about the operational changes that took place over the summer, their impact on service performance, and the Postal Service’s plan to eliminate 64 million work hours. Justseeds has used the USPS exclusively since day one. The processing scores therefore do not represent the percentage that was delivered on time. ), Last year my friend Zoeann Murphy and I organized a show of 40 contemporary labor posters called Graphic Work: Imaging Today’s Labor Movement. The Commission’s position is a slight variation of the Postal Service’s rationale. If the Postal Service were to take full advantage of its new pricing authority and raise rates by an average of, say, 2.5 percent, it would bring in an additional $1 billion a year, somewhat more if the USPS also exercised its authority to raise non-compensatory products by 2 percent. Residents too, are singing the praises of this office — Christmas mails will be handled with greater speed. The…, From the early 20th century through the early 1960s, one of the largest Left organizations in the US (if not the largest) was the Communist Party USA. Under the new system, rate increases will be tied to two factors. Saves a document located in a remote file service. If the Postal Service were to exercise its full authority using both factors, rates could be increased by somewhere between 2.17 percent and 3.8 percent above the annual CPI increase. The image on these stamps was designed by Josh MacPhee, reworking a 1950s post office icon. Open the workbook you want to save. The post office has a $15 billion credit line through the Treasury Department, but is close to hitting that borrowing limit. In Philadelphia, slightly more than 66% of the mail-in ballots had been delivered on Election Day. The cut, when it includes the entire circumference of the tree, makes it impossible for the tree to heal itself and everything above the cut will eventually die. On Saturday, August 22, at 11 a.m. (local time), we will show up at local post offices across the country to save the post office from Donald Trump and declare that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must resign. In addition, the Postal Service filed a summary of information learned from plant managers as required by the court’s order on Nov. 3. The report shows about 10,655 ballots were expedited via Express. It's that time of year again. The USPS is a vital service for thousands of artists, designers, publishers, printers, stationers, and home-based & small businesses. Read More. If you’re able, help fund the USPS yourself! That’s a 10 or 15 minute drive from Spanish Fort, more during rush hour and tourist season, and the fastest route is U.S. Route 98, aka “Bloody 98” because it’s one of the most dangerous highways in the state. Bringing packages to rural and hard to reach communities is not profitable for businesses like Amazon, FedEx, and UPS. DeJoy’s 57 Varieties of Cost Cutting: What’s in the new OIG report—and what’s not? The United States Post Office is in danger of running out of money by October 2020. First, the Postal Service “did not complete a study or analysis of the impact the changes would make on mail service prior to implementation.” Second, “documentation and guidance to the field for these strategies was very limited and almost exclusively oral.” That caused “confusion and inconsistency” and “compounded the significant negative service impacts across the country.”. The recent OIG report reviewed here at STPO  demonstrates that clearly. USPS agreement regarding election mail in Georgia runoff (Dec. 23, 2020), USPS Election M)ail Fact Sheet (Oct. 21, 2020), USPS Fact Sheet on Election Mail Preparedness Efforts, USPS memo re: Clarifying Operational Instructions (Sept. 21, 2020), Mandatory Standup Talk: Ready to deliver Election Mail for the nation (Sept. 24, 2020), USPS Memo: Additional Resources for Election Mail Beginning October 1 (Sept. 25, 2020), Steps USPS is taking to improve service performance for election mail (Oct. 1, 2020), Supplemental Guidance Memorandum (October, 2020), A former postmaster’s view: Articles by Mark Jamison, Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service, OIG: The Road Ahead for Postal Financial Services, OIG: Providing Non-Bank Financial Services for the Underserved, It’s Time for Postal Banking by Mehrsa Baradaran, OIG: Preservation and Disposal of Historic Properties, OIG: What Postal Services Do People Value Most, History of Post Office Construction 1900-1940, Postal Facilities Constructed or Occupied 1940-1971, USPS Facilities Reports State-by-State (as of Dec. 2019), USPS Leased Facilities State Reports (2018), USPS Owned Facilities State Reports (2018), Post Office Suspensions & Discontinuances 2008-2017, Historic Post Offices sold or for sale 2009-2018, Post Offices on or eligible for the National Register, The OIG concurred with the Postal Service’s position that an advisory opinion by the Postal Regulatory Commission was not required before making these operational changes, but it acknowledges that “upcoming court decisions could change this analysis.” Indeed, federal judges in four cases –, As over 700 sorting machines were being removed from processing plants, the Postmaster General, When West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin contacted the Postal Service this summer about reports that signs were going up at post offices with new, reduced hours of operation, he. Adobe Spark Post’s free Save The Date templates let you experiment with hundreds of images, fonts, and layouts. Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft Word. And it’s very possible that the Postal Service will not take full advantage of its new authority and instead bank some portion for future use. We champion the rights of the world’s 2.3 billion children. If the document is saved as a text file, True to insert line breaks at the end of each line of text. The IG also criticizes management for a third major failing: The Postal Service did not “fully respond” to questions and document requests from Congress and did not share information about the plan beyond what the Postmaster General was specifically asked in his testimony before the House and Senate. If you do not have the Facebook app on your phone yet, download and install the app from Playstore or App Store then follow these steps: 1. You can find these reports here. (Sorry, we don’t offer expedited shipping options.). From big cities to the most rural communities, it serves all of us. The stamps were produced by The Portland Stamp Company. The hearing focused largely on the testimony of Kevin Bray, the USPS executive lead for mail processing in the 2020 elections.

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