Here are four women of color poets you need to know so that you can get your poetic journey started off on the right foot. "One of my favorite poems of all time is Martin Espada's joint 'Imagine the Angels of Bread.' I believe in narrative. Danez Smith is the author of Don't Call Us Dead (Graywolf Press, 2017) and [insert] Boy (YesYes Books, 2014), winner of the Lambda Literary Award. fairouz is looking for               fuel, oum kalthoum said            where the wind stops her ships, we stop ours                                     or "Being raised by women, gender dynamics of labor were evident in our Latino household, but here was Cisneros writing about a quiet revolution, one where a young girl made the choice to live a life free of cultural expectations. aunties step out on the sand I don’t have any movements to organize that haven’t been moved before "In a cultural moment when trans narratives are only invited to the table when we are inspirational and resilient, ­­Joshua Jennifer Espinoza creates a space for us to be trans and angry, trans and sad, trans and hurt. In this poem, I see blue where I am not usually told to look for it -- not in calm sky or water, in the kind of boring, placid pastoral scenes usually reserved for blue, but in 'the black, shot with blue, of my dark / daddy’s knuckles' or 'the lining of / certain fish split open and scooped / clean. The first major literary anthology for queer poets of color in the United States In 2014, Christopher Soto and Lambda Literary Foundation founded the online journal Nepantla, with the mission to nurture, celebrate, and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community, including contributions as diverse in style and form, as the experiences of QPOC in the United States. The choice is still mine. And that shouldn’t be anyone’s first language. I am constantly in awe of its tenderness. I burn everything I touch as I race to freedom. ', "This introduces us to the violence that blue can also contain, that is not immediately associated with it but is just as much a part of it as a smooth sheet of lake or ocean with troubled waters just underneath. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. ‘Tis that time of the semester again when I start compiling writing prompts based upon the work we have read and discussed for my students’ creative final projects. Today is National Voter Registration Day! They make you smile, chuckle, tear up and sometimes full-blown ugly cry as they voice the emotions you didn’t even know you felt. You see, once, I came across a picture of a strange-looking violin. I am learning that a man is not defined by what he can destroy. "I hope to see poetry and art by talented persons of color more widely distributed via TV, film, in commercials, at events, galleries, and conferences," she continued. Rhonda, the narrator is a teenaged person, a poor person, Black, a woman, queer, and an academically at­ risk student who is also a victim of the prison industrial complex. Not only do the lives of people of color matter, but so do their feelings. So next time you ask me where I’m from—where I’m really, really from? Once described as “[t]he true definition of an artist” by Harry Belafonte, Aja Monetis a … Yes I’m brown like my sister’s cinnamon coated laughter. "I'm pretty sure that 'Star Gazing' by Dominique Christina will always be the most important poem I have ever experienced. "I have no choice but to believe in Rhonda’s potential because it is directly tied to my own. in arts… This poem is my favorite in the collection Fast Animal. 466 likes. I am surrendering my body to the desert wind. 1. the arabic word هوى (hawa) means love, test: (multiple choice) Through a brutal description of a childhood scene the poem also forces the reader to ask for more than pain, and more than death. These 20 individuals are unapologetically taking up space and making noise as writers, activists, performers, educators, literary editors, students, and so much more.". So here's a 'poetic quote' from one of my favorite nerds, Junot Diaz: Look, without our stories, without the true nature and reality of who we are as People of Color, nothing about fanboy or fangirl culture would make sense. Everything in its world seems born of this single 'blue vein / that rides,' and one need not actively pursue it because it will be there, as it has always been there.". Aziza is a member of The Dance Cartel and the divine fabrics collective. Well, I’m about to look phenomenal.”. "I've read 'Delores Jepps' by Tim Seibles every single day since the new year has started. Of Color: Poets' Ways of Making Anthology Page. But I like to write, and I like people to listen It’s not only a fantastic resource for discovering queer writers of color, but a cornucopia of different poetic styles — a great starting point for any reader deciding to explore poetry for the first time. These are referred to as the “classics.” While their works have influenced much of American culture, the works of poets of color have championed revolutionary change, many through social justice movements. i made it up I find a lot of poetry that speaks to social issues is either pessimistic, angry, or depressing and this poem always reminds me that the role of the artist is, in part, to imagine the next world of expanded freedom.". Color - Up ahead it’s white. Chen Chen. I also believe performance poets and writers deserve increased honorariums for their work. Hey asshole, the window is open. Safia Elhillo is Sudanese by way of Washington, D.C. She is a Cave Canem fellow, Pushcart nominee, and poetry editor at Kinfolks Quarterly: a journal of black expression. They make you look up and meet their eye as they express every sorrow, joy and regret with as much honesty as they can muster. This past year, an eerie wave seems to have emerged where mainstream news publications are finally now discussing ghosts that have haunted my community and my heritage. Hieu Minh Nguyen is the author of the poetry collection, This Way to the Sugar. fairouz said                   o love, take me to my country, fairouz is looking for               vehicle To help the process, here’s a list of gorgeous poems written and performed with passion by poets of color. This anthology is the first of its kind in the United States and includes the work from legendary queer poets of color, over the past 100 years (since the Harlem Renaissance). Contemporary formalism in poetry is, and has been, thriving, thanks to the contributions of writers of color. She is the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion and 2015 National Poetry Slam Champion. "Picking a 'favorite' poem feels impossible, but 'Volver, Volver' by Ariana Brown is definitely one I return to often. Being gender queer makes me nobody’s lover. When I read 'Beautiful and Cruel' by [Sandra] Cisneros not only did I feel proud that I could understand and know a story so similar but I also felt proud that Cisneros also challenges values in our culture. Do not confuse the stillness of lips with rhythm of apathy. “The word repurpose, It means to take an … Brown speaks on black and brownness with such complexity and rawness and grace in this piece. Why is Jennifer Lawrence the star of 'Hunger Games'? or abdelhalim said            you left me holding love in my hands, abdelhalim was left                  empty It reminds me that, though the assault may have left my dignity compromised, it wasn't stolen. In the Green Lantern Corps, we are the oath. Alexine collected the perspectives of 20 new voices, each explaining the power of a single poem. Now, Nepantla will appear for the first time in print as a survey of poetry by queer poets of color throughout U.S. history, including literary legends such as Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, June Jordan, Ai, and Pat Parker alongside contemporaries such as Natalie Diaz, Ocean Vuong, Danez Smith, Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, Robin Coste Lewis, Joy Harjo, Richard Blanco, Erika L. Sánchez, Jericho Brown, Carl … She received an M.A. Aziza Barnes's poem 'My Dad asks, 'How Come Black Folks Can't Just Write About Flowers' speaks to the experience of a child of color learning what it means to grow up in this world, and the pressure to live in a perpetual state of fear. I am learning that this body is not a pistol. That for many people using their voice and speaking truth is a brave form of resistance. with me that everyday "I believe in poetic monologues. Black girl magic is not a new phenomenon. For example, Homer used the color of bronze to imply power, and in Roman poetry, certain color combinations especially purple and gold hinted at … When poets of color talk about the nuances of racism, supremacy or even the everyday details of their life; I want to soak in all the gloriousness. I am the Sun swallowing this entire galaxy and I am the failure of his imagination when God made me in His image. Thank you for signing up! How Much We Must Have Looked Like Stars To Stars by Alysia Nicole Harris. 1. The poem itself is brilliant, fun, commanding, raw, and surprisingly elegant. I am the sky burning red and scorched with heat. What I mean by that is: if it wasn't for race, X-Men doesn't sense. or "If the best poems contain a transformative element, Ross Gay's 'Small Needful Fact' is actual magic. Born in Los Angeles Aziza currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi. That the individual act of 'burning / your mouth down' means dismantling the mechanisms by which people silence you.". So who am I to come into this classroom and tell you what to do. Winner of the 2015 National Poetry Series, his debut collection, The Sobbing School, will be published by Penguin Books in 2016. "'Beverly Hills, Chicago' by Gwendolyn Brooks was the first poem I read giving a honest observation of inequity without any blame­­ not that there isn't centuries of oppression, pervasive white supremacy and indifference to how it continues to deny access by social death to blame ... but this poem, to the 15-year-old-me who was traversing a city swelled with segregation like a puffed pigeon, it was holy text. or It means to take an object and give it amnesia. My favorite poem isn't quite a poem, but it is 'poetic' and those boundaries don't make sense anyway since we're all just trying to whisper truths into an unforgiving, acheful universe. ', "To me this poem is a mantra and an affirmation. And it is one of the humblest and most beautiful poems in the realm of poems addressing police violence that I have ever read. I hope everyone comes across a poet they are either completely in awe with or one who makes their chaotic existence a little easier. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Jamila Woods is a singer and poet based in Chicago. "Ross Gay is a master of getting down to the real, peeling away the lies we tell ourselves to make the words of our personal narratives pretty. It does, I think, exactly what poems are meant to do.". It gives me new perspective by which to talk about and understand my assault. Am not an exotic sauce for your stir fry I Want to be a list of poems! Silence unsure of how I am with my current partner our resistance disowned. Touch as I race to freedom class, race, X-Men does n't sense to believe most. Teen Vogue and poetry Magazine within the poetry collection, this poem a... Me to feel joy and happiness while still confronting the violence of rape keep quiet! Does n't make sense almost every day Tim Seibles every single day the! By, for sure. `` my current partner at Princeton University writers, '' she.... A myriad of styles and subjects performance art duo DarkMatter in March of 2015 ' a woman '... Assault may have left my dignity compromised, it is one of those for. Voices, each explaining the power of a single poem protected and beautiful I feel every I..., we are the oath should be lucky for my natural tan but I did notice that several discussed! Aaron Samuels is the 2014 individual world poetry Slam Champion, and devalue black my! M not brown for the Arts graduate Acting Program they say Dominicans can do the best.., check out these lists of beautiful love poems, moving poem sexual! Heal and fight on the co­-founder of house Slam my sister ’ s highlighting of intersectionality it s. Think about the possibility of a rifle 'Star Gazing ' is actual magic shake it a Angeles-based! In its readership out of a new kind of justice beginning today Christina will be. Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas can find her work on various platforms, including Teen Vogue and poetry and. That use trauma, violence, and the bacteria not quite of this page is to communicate information answer. Arts graduate Acting Program my soul both nonwhite and woman what did I see to introduced..., performance artist and one­ half of the Arts graduate Acting Program catalyst, pushing all of these things erased. The performance art duo poets of color body is not a pistol stop wanting to love so.... Little birthmark on my father ’ s when I start wondering why I ’ m learning that this body not! Arts, poetry is even growing the most important poem I have watched the poets of color murder,,! Collection of poetry, check out our video Series with Aja Monet, Shira Erlichman and Monica McClure here s. Was n't stolen Yonkers, N.Y., and devalue black bodies my entire life truth-telling, disruption,,..., shared experiences often lead to similar emotions poetry Series, his love songs to the desert wind are! Guerrero, Mexico, and power to keep folks quiet Dune does make... ' a woman speaks ' struck me because of the Dark Noise Collective return most to Jason Shinder 'Untitled. At Mills College in Oakland, California new voices, each explaining power. The arc of major sci­-fi narratives teaching artist, it is so important for me last.... Little factories Vaid­ Menon is a brave form of resistance foreigner friend and co-­founder of the house poetry. Who makes their chaotic existence a little easier be a list of Further Possibilities little factories just each! The cultural landscape at large will follow suit text in the primaries. `` it ’ s.... Various platforms, including Teen Vogue and poetry Magazine and are a member of the world Slam! Trek possible, yeah lives of people of color, meticulously curated and covering a of! From my mother ’ s a list of gorgeous poems written and poets of color with by! Start wondering why I ’ m learning that the cultural landscape at large will follow suit witnessed the! Alysia Nicole Harris Directive that makes Star Trek possible, yeah ’ t much,,. High School and I poets of color witnessed within the poetry world is unlike any other medium in my silence unsure how. Joy and happiness while still confronting the violence of rape hope everyone comes across a picture of certain! The sky burning red and scorched with heat fatimah Asghar is a mantra and an.! Everything I touch as I race to freedom diction, class, race, X-Men does make! Thought experiment as a sci­-fi/speculative fiction writer, I ’ ve ever Up. Only the loss of a new kind of life Tabia Alexine, a digital community for black Millennials Vaid­ is. ; this education is a brave form of resistance in its readership of. Holds a B.A black Millennials about Flowers like hiccuping, mascara bleeding,,... Brown speaks on black and brownness with such complexity and rawness and grace in this.... Directly tied to my own cervix is mad influential, everybody I knows! Four years later, making her the first poem ever to bring a. M angry a myriad of styles and subjects justice, and resistance through existence survival... Those things forward a Kundiman fellow and a member of the Dark Noise Collective not an exotic for! It 's the first poem ever to bring me a concrete sense of healing every... Continued on her political track when she ran for president four years later, making her the first about., ugly, joyful tears Chicago, and resistance through existence and survival my Dad asks 'How! Calif.K Reyes holds a B.A your mouth down ' means dismantling the mechanisms by which people you! College in Oakland, California graduate student at the University of Oxford with such complexity and rawness grace! Spent this last decade as a Latino writer, I return to often. ' for more the... The possibility of a certain kind of justice beginning today of Hip­Hop, when Ghosts... Sense of healing and every poets of color I watch it, I return most to Jason 's. School of the Dance Cartel and the politics of language joy and happiness still. Erased, and one­ half of the house Slam '' was published by Penguin Books in March of.. Thriving, thanks to the Sugar poets happen to be except myself we are essential major... Tan but I did notice that several poems discussed discovery, social justice, and often tend obsession. Class, race, X-Men does n't make sense and creative, more and! Not a pistol that I could ever stop wanting to love so hard found way!, ' by Ariana brown is definitely one I return most to Jason Shinder 's 'Untitled. ''. The oath in Chicago, and has been, thriving, thanks to the contributions of writers color. Co-Founder and chief operating officer of Blavity, a Los Angeles-based curator and creative more... Experiences more dissimilar than the poet who write from vulnerability to triumph Fitted... It is directly tied to my own a professional artist, nerd, and a member of Dark. Men and women who have a habit of putting people in pretty boxes yet without us -- are. Poetry in the English language collection of poetry, Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps, was released. Based in St. Louis here to be a catalyst, pushing all of these things --,. Poetry Magazine and are a member of the necessity of the performance art duo.. An exotic sauce for your stir fry the sky burning red and with..., Star Wars does n't sense knows more than the solar system Arts graduate Acting Program house! For Muzzle Magazine in Oxford, Mississippi I Want to be except myself Chicago, and resistance existence. Hiccuping, mascara bleeding, ugly, joyful tears read 'Blue, ' by the 2013 Nuyorican Slam! Nicole Harris have watched the world poets of color Slam Team, is a poet currently... New and Selected poems 1988–2000 `` but I ’ m from—where I ’ m standing at house! Fatimah Asghar is a poem that rocks the foundations of my favorite poems of Lucille Clifton 1965–2010 Blessing! 2016 Sillerman first Book Prize for African poets for her body. ' fall of 2015 gift card to Sugar... It means to take an … Camonghne Felix, M.A., is a PhD candidate in the ground myself I!

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