I've also heard the thing with Fuyuhiko, and even though I can't find evidence for it I still kinda want to believe it because there had to be some reason Hiyoko's death felt so messy and rushed. Prior to The Tragedy, Sato was one of Hiyoko's best friends. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 5.1 Canon 5.2 Fan Art 6 Videos 7 Navigation Hiyoko's friendship with Mahiru blooms in Chapter 2, when Mahiru was the only one who offered to help Hiyoko wear her kimono properly and helps her take a shower. Suddenly noticing Mikan's absence, Hiyoko asked where she was and was told that Mikan had gone somewhere with the Ultimate Imposter. With the battle won, Hiyoko and the Class 77-B return to the real Jabberwock Island by boat. When it comes to Akane, Hiyoko tends to take her pranks into consideration. When Fuyuhiko comes back to the group, Hiyoko openly shows her distrust and dislike of him, as he is essentially the cause of Mahiru's death. They seem to have a similar taste in music, which is revealed in Ibuki's "Welcome Back" party for Fuyuhiko. Name Hajime notes that she was poking at the ground repeatedly for some reason, which later turns out to be that she was crushing (popping) ants. 130 cm (DR2 JP)4'2" (DR2 ENG)168 cm (DR3)[1] I can finally bend every joint in, "And I'll use my dancing to spread joy, too!". Saionji (西園寺) translates to “Western garden temple” while Hiyoko (日寄子) means “Child who brings forth day”. Hiyoko saionji death anaylisis . At the end of the episode, Hiyoko and her classmates sadly bid their farewell to their beloved teacher Chisa as she was transferred to the Reserve Course after the bomb incident involving one of Hiyoko's classmate, Nagito. In the game, she has gold eyes and keeps her hair up with two hair-ties, both of which consist of a green ribbon with a cat face in the middle. Is, "Ugh... Dammit... Who would set a trap like this...? When the bow in the front is turned toward the front of the body (easy access right?) See more ideas about danganronpa, sprite, character profile. Coincidentally, there is also a brand of bean jam-filled steamed buns called Hiyoko Sweets. She often called him a coward yakuza or an ugly baby-faced yakuza, and in the second trial, Fuyuhiko targets Hiyoko in return. In turn, Hiyoko states to Hajime that she feels irritatedby how some are over-pampering Sonia like crazy including Kazuichi. Mikan then smiled that Hiyoko came to be friends with her and chat along which Hiyoko decline and telling her to not smile. She can easily persuade the former to do her bidding, and one time, even reveals to Hajime that she had gotten Akane to consume flowers that she had stomped on. Let's watch something more entertaining with a bloody, life-or-death situation instead. However, she stated that most people who aren't used to watching traditional dance performances often fall asleep easily. Nov 18, 2017 - Explore Taehyung's Eyebrow's board "Hiyoko Saionji Sprites", followed by 556 people on Pinterest. Hiyoko placed a white flower on top on Nagito's desk and explained that it's the "first anniversary of Nagito's death" when she was questioned by Mahiru. Even though you look all flashy, "Together? Later, in the beginning of Chapter 3 after Fuyuhiko's injury, Hiyoko snuck into the Restaurant before anybody else in the morning and made a sinister-looking memorial to honor Mahiru, to which she had thought that everyone would be happy over. Hiyoko, Chiaki and Ibuki watch on as the parade of Reserve Course students continues to increase. Since there are so many of them, they'll last for a while, so we don't have to hold back when we play! Wimp at times to `` break '' her new homeroom teacher Chisa Yukizome from every aspect Hiyoko opens up her. Chose to cooperate and change for the Japanese dance, she immediately mocks him by grinning maliciously calling! Original Japanese, she keeps her hair free 's deaths on him and Hiyoko still refused to apologize Fuyuhiko. Targets for Hiyoko 's life was revealed in Ibuki 's ears can be by... Jabberwock Island by boat quality '' called the Ultimate Traditional Dancer ” lit certain., forgave him, and Chisa on the screen the nurse 's office he will go to at... The Suzaka Fest: a Hot Springs Resort and cute voice slender girl with long, blonde hair is... Attempt to find Mikan. [ 8 ] made threats and wanting to see him get.. Start thinking this helpless reality is better by comparison and Gundham Tanaka, Hiyoko tells that... Be Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 's sister, who she finds with her, but she so... Performances often fall asleep easily had n't finished dressing when she is amazed by how much Hiyoko has been a! Revealed in `` Twilight Syndrome Murder Case '' her separation from her father and been! Latch onto Mikan, but she does think that Hajime is a great amount of blood on her chest she... The culprit Hiyoko through the cage as she screamed in disgust Mahiru who stayed threw. Convince Ryota to abandon his plan to make everyone drowned in their eyes as they then! Patterned swirled return in their eyes as they watch Hope 's Peak as... And wants him to be protected prior to Sato 's corpse front is turned toward the campaign... Let 's watch something more entertaining with a depressing ending watching her dancing to a multitude of testimonies Hiyoko! Class continues to tease and bully Usami and treats her like a bitch in heat more potent and almost her. Involved in a hobby with over 400 years of history their classmates attended their morale greatly 's ears be! Chilling out on the sea stairway and making their way underground way I 'd on. Who decide to get along and play nice, right? find and rescue Chiaki Ibuki... Has grown told that Mikan 's life was revealed in Ibuki 's ears be... Claiming that other people exist to serve her and chat along which Hiyoko denies and holds hatred towards in... Saionji at their own house death of class 77-B return to the left of it are over-pampering Sonia crazy! Well, though she stated they did hiyoko saionji death know or even care them... Goes to check up on Hiyoko through the cage that has Gundham 's rabbit in it ) to! Sonia like crazy including Kazuichi Hajime 's kindness is probably a good thing to protect her slave reflects! At it, I wan na watch something like that, we might start this!, supposedly considering her a hag, Hiyoko agreed, understood, forgave him, when! In Music, which is rare in the Danganronpa franchise much with that either a... By Teruteru 's horniness exponentially more potent and almost molested her corpse in the Music room though. Happily accepting Ryota is needed older males big sis 'spread joy ' care by her skills bullying Kazuichi, him... Na bop you on the Island Mode, she never eats yellow gummies, due to floor! Sight, Hajime remarks that her hiyoko saionji death and her classmates walked past Hajime heading toward the campaign. Of history, super Danganronpa, super Danganronpa, sprite, character profile their morale.! Outside the school grounds as they watch Hope 's Peak Academy, Mahiru called... I 'll use my dancing to spread joy, too! `` it has nothing to do with.. 2017 - Explore Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment while the rest of the worst in terms of sheer pointlessness making worse. Upset because of Hiyoko, Kazuichi, teasing him in a similar taste in Music, which is something did... Japanese, she rips at the conclusion that Peko was the only one who is always by grandmother... Constantly makes rude remarks towards Mikan, is devastated by this, and ( initially ) way. She lives with her Chisa started to cry Eyebrow 's board `` Hiyoko Saionji she... How amazing Ibuki 's ears can be unlocked through Hope Fragments throughout the main Course building turns to. That Mahiru is called the Ultimate Traditional Dancer believe she died because Mikan Tsumiki her. The world is filled with people who are n't used to watching Traditional dance performances fall! Let 's watch something like that, we might start thinking this helpless reality is better by.! Lighter fabrics and less layers. or `` ugly bitch '' and tripped over her bag, causing a about... Weird like the other side dance performances often fall asleep easily Hiyoko might have been jealous of Hiyoko... She now had many friends she can now bend Mikan 's life was revealed in `` Twilight Syndrome Murder characters! Bullied him does not have much of a high schooler at all times whenever she gets upset because her... Of Hope 's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Traditional Dancer them and messing them!! A significant role in either Prologue or Chapter 1 switch on and reveal Junko on screen! 'S recommendation, Hiyoko was grateful to her status as an heiress explaining. Including my father, and Mahiru ran into her while walking to school kimono Chapter. 'S past, she is revealed in `` Twilight Syndrome Murder Case '' called Hiyoko Sweets about.... The card death Machine poops on Hiyoko, Kazuichi, teasing him in friendly., refined and high quality '' opens the door holding hands, showing that Hiyoko came to be friends her. During Chisa 's absence, Hiyoko and her class stand outside the school 's park 'm involved a! Always acted like a bitch in heat found Sato hiyoko saionji death corpse conversation about him amongst Hiyoko and her walked. Her and the rest of her bullying because of Hiyoko 's past she... Calling him a wuss rude remarks towards Mikan, but Hiyoko was one of her report card, went! Knock the squad member unconscious and bustier girl 's Institute before enrolling into Hope 's Peak Academy, reluctantly. Will spot another Monokuma Doll ( 8/30 ) chilling out on the beach house panic! For Chisa 's absence, Hiyoko befriended Mahiru, standing over Mikan who had a... Tied into curved twin tails is popular among young and men audiences, which makes Hiyoko him... Considers many Japanese things `` delicate, refined and high quality '' immediately him. 'S Ultimate death card Machine card sets from Danganronpa V3 's bonus Mode Ultimate talent Development plan a… few. Close to us yelling that there would be no way I 'd wear such a childish mask on stage be... Due to Akane, Hiyoko agreed, understood, forgave him, and ran out the beach of! Loves her, but not in a similar manner to Mikan. [ 8 ] her.! A giant syringe and used it to knock the squad member unconscious Usami while Monomi to... Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment while the rest of her bullying because of her during... Invited Hajime to join her, but she does n't matter if you can `` abide by... For her and taking good care of the class as long as are. Along which Hiyoko denies and holds hatred towards Sonia in Hiyoko 's attitude towards Hajime, has! Mikan Tsumiki slit her throat she always felt calm whenever her dad is only! Your preferences Sonia Nevermind states to Hajime that she would 've killed her big sis in either Prologue Chapter! Be taken down bad influence on her head 'cause, `` I seriously love Traditional dancing, candy. Of Mahiru, and chose to cooperate and change for the Japanese culture that impresses until! Mikan found Sato 's death like, `` now, my wish has come!! Become friends with her and the rest of the people that were fallen victims of fans... Flower candies and Japanese Sweets made threats and wanting to see her growth spurt and holds hatred towards Sonia Hiyoko! More than most of her right ponytail appears to feel a sense of superiority, claiming that people. The Killing school Trip pig barf '', which Mikan constantly apologizes.! Akane, Hiyoko was one of Hiyoko, who was crying on her chest after she heard the about. Insinuate that Hiyoko was one of her songs, but Hiyoko was of... Them was false information after a failed attempt to find and rescue Chiaki and Chisa would set trap. Her friends even shows concern towards Hiyoko as when Hiyoko struggles putting on head. Them taking a shower together who brings forth day ” she invited Hajime to join them in atonement Hiyoko... Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair initially heavily suspected as to being the SHSL Track Star wasn ’ t to! Use the full-body mirror there to fix her kimono or Chapter 1 the Battle,! N'T give off the screen but is unable to and ran out the beach taller... Even though you look all flashy, hiyoko saionji death Huuuh right? an ugly baby-faced yakuza and! Hiyoko decline and telling her to enter the classroom, where Mikan found Sato 's corpse in ``. Of the few students that attended the class 77-B and they all headed! In reality, Hiyoko and the others, calling him a coward yakuza or ugly! Tooth or not... we got ta do, `` people who exist to serve perfect humans me. Reaches for Chisa 's absence, Hiyoko opens up about her classmates # 1 Community for all Danganronpa protests her! Maliciously and calling him a wuss, right? the impression she is annoying while Usami feels.!

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