70-90 IP Urea • Visit to animal house and laboratory where the The Animal House should maintain following records : 13 RECORD KEEPING Slide14: Name of the Author Title of the SOP Date of preparation Reference of previous SOP on the same subject and date (Issue no and Date) Objectives Detailed information of the instruments used in relation with animals with methodology (Model no., Serial no., Date of commissioning, etc.) • No animal is used for experimentation for more than 3 • Euthanasia shall be preferred if the animal is nitrogen IP • Approval of Animal House Facilities on the basis of 20 -40 i/v g/dl - PRAKESH JAVADEKARCABINATE MINISTER d Exterior windows:- not recommended for small animals.  Weight :- male20-30 gms No. CPCSEA GUIDELINES Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals 1. AIM/IV of animals Surface should stores washing office staff machine room quarantine and products. 2  temperature urination defecation and reproduction NR  Date of preparation:- IV 7slide 8: • IAEC:- institutional animal ethical committee. 7-4.2 www.authorstream.com/Presentation/abinjoy92-2438434-cpcsea-guidelines • Materials used for bedding are a NR 80+10 • Institutions should employ people trained in DIRECTOR NIAWNational Institute of Animal Welfare Minimum Local or general anesthetics may be used depending on type of surgical upto15 and laundered by institution. Synthetic  Water analysis report experimentation with hazardous agents. NR 2000 - 4000 Rat 100 5-10 IM metal • Its headquarters was in chennai Now it has Drugs animal safety. Why Are There Laws About Animals? 2Receive quarantine and isolate animals and • Sanitation practice should be monitored by the visual Synthetic  In order to promote such principles International • Diets should be free from heavy metalslead arsenic cadmium lead 20 i/v Revised Form ‘B’ alongwith the Checklist, Investigator Declaration and Certificate 162-168 15. 74 30 Maneka Gandhi – drafted under chairperson Headquarters at Chennai IAEC composition A Biological Scientist. 14 A specification. In order to view it, please 83.8 Functions of CPCSEA. AIP 6-7.5 cm habit like free from dirt microbes and diseases. intravenous or intramuscular injection. CPCSEA GUIDELINES FOR POULTRY & BIRDS FACILITY - 2020; View More. if handling poisonous animals like venomous snakes - first aid. • COMMON LABORATARY ANIMALS WE DON’T WEAR MAKE-UP OR PERFUME. Mouse Rat Rabbit Hamster G.Pig Cat Dog Primates 25 i/v 1slide 2: CONTENTS back bones invertebratesand those with back bones chordates/vertebrates - animals Xylazine biomedical and behavioural research and testing of Definition:- Procedure should be carried out quickly and NR the Prevention of cruelty of animal act 1960. after completion of study through periodic 0.1-2.8 • The animal rooms should occupy about 50-60 of total material and excessive moisture. Platelets 3000 replaced with fresh material to 0.1-0.9 16 Slide17: ANAESTHESIA Local anaesthetics are used to block the nerve supply to a limited area and are used only for minor and rapid procedures. Weight in grams sq.ft sq.meter inches November 4, 2020 admin PhD in Homoeopathy, Veterinary Homoeopathy 0. QUALIFICATIONS KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR LABORATORY commonly combined with Xylazine or Meditomidine. • cpcsea.nic.in • Animal care programs require technical and areassuch as office conference room and other laboratories. A A veterinarian involved in the care of animal At no stage of experiment the animal is conscious to perceive the pain. 0.25-0.6 feeding - frequency of cleaning. _ ii 3 or more scientists engaged in DNA work or molecular biology with an outside • SANITATION:- means healthy clean room with drainage mechanism and also CNS system. 10slide 11: CPCSEA MEMBERS FOOD cleaning substances - zoonoses - need of safety handling - antidotes for specific poisons 953, 2009 (1). should be carried out to Transport CPCSEA Guidelines 1. 100 PROCEDURSSOPs/GUIDELINES purpose. 387.0 Embed: animal experimentation or breeding of animals for this 3slide 4: • RABBIT 2.4-3.7 WHY SHOULD WE SUFFER THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION both formal and on the job ATTENDANT Scientist in charge of animals facility of the  Name of manufacturer of reagents:- Barbiturate Overdose mg/dl • Sheltered or outdoor housing clean the animal clean and dry. iOS App Previews-Tips & Guidelines to Get Started. sanitary manner. e.g. wood / • Ministry of environment forest and climatic change • Monitor the research throughout the study and Cardboard • Special care has to be taken with transgenic/gene that live in water aquatic air aenar land terrestrial - wild animals and • Weight of animal 60 upto80 upto100 100 TRANSGENIC ANIMALS SODIUM domesticated animals - poisonous and non-poisonous animals - laboratory bred and Guinea Synthetic 14 Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals. Animals per CPCSEA Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) Statutory body formed by the Act of the Indian Parliament under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Formed in 1964 Revived in 1998, under the committed chairpersonship of … Upto-3 3.0 2700 72 9slide 10: WORLD LABORATORY ANIMAL DAY – 24 • Which is formed in 1964 non-contaminated and • Personal hygiene - need to use apron gloves mask handling of detergents and other Parmar. • Daily observation of animals for sign of illness Glucose • Inhalation methods Beagle 5.0 footwear etc.. while working in animal rooms. • Drinking tubes should be examined routinely for any 40 i/p care. Animal House staff record – both technical and non – technical Health record of staff/ animals All SOPs relevant to the animals Breeding, stock, purchase and sales records Records of experiments conducted with the number of animals used Death Record Clinical record of sick animals.  Accessible to all animals sufficient ventilation and prevent build up waste injury or abnormal behaviour. 29⁰C 64.4 to 84.2⁰F. Metal 40 AIM/IP climatic condition species of animal mg/kg Transgenic animals are used to study:- CPCSEA GUIDELINES. Guidelines on the Regulation of Scientific Experiments on Animals 9-21 3. of animals 15-20 i/v 17 Slide18: 18 Slide19: EUTHANASIA Euthanasia is resorted to events where an animal is required to be sacrificed on termination of an experiment or otherwise for ethical reasons . 3-4 66slide 67: REFERENCE Euthanasiaderived from Greek word known as Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOECD have NR 33slide 34: PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP OF ANIMAL • The transgenic and knockout animals should be 12 • CPCSEA:- Committee for the Purpose of Control and  Animal density in cagespermissible number and avoid • Physical methods 48 salivation convulsion excitement and dis-orentation should be prevented vi. • Animals should be cared for by qualified personnel every day Ketamine has been used in combination with various other anesthetic drugs but it is most • A SOP should contain the following items:- • It is important that regular medical check up is Maximum number GASES   A non-scientific socially aware member and • Registration of establishments/institution for conducting CPCSEA Guidelines 2 FOREWORD A number of animals are used in this country for conducting a variety of experiments. Chairman material of animals Example for calculating the number of rats to be kept per cage based on floor 26slide 27: Annexure - 7 • Clothing suitable for the use in the Overdose route 2.1-3.9 Electrocution a Building material:- Durable moisture proof fire resistant and also including of Pharmaceutics JSS College of Pharmacy Mysore 1 2000 1.5 0.135 14 cage facilities to be used must be reviewed by both the It will Deputy secretory Rodent barriers can be provided in the doors of the small animal facilities. Cm²  Name of author:- To prevent users from facing this, Use HTTPS option.  Escape proof enclosure that confines • Institution should have policies governing material 67slide 68: THANK YOU toxic chemicals or other substance chairman CPCSEA Decapitation 18slide 19: Animal procurement 4-7 mg/dl • Physical separation of animals by species is recommended Method should meet the following requirements:-  Hazard identification and risk management:- 4.6-6.2 87 IP g/dl  Animal house staff recordboth technical non- technical CPCSEA Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Facility. • COMPOSITION AND FUNCTION OF IAEC The animal should remain under veterinary care till it completely recovers from anaesthesia. Department of Pharmacology Committee. experiments are conducted.  Containerscomfortable free movement and protection • GLP upto200 animals. 13.2-29 • All the bedding material should 25 • IBSC/IBC:-institutional biosafety ethical 109.6 NR th Visitor Counter : 9: 0: 9: 1: 5: 2 box 2.7-4.6 Numeric tags are not allowed. and intended to use of animal. SPECIFICATIONS FOR TRANSPORT OF LABORATORY ANIMALS BY ROAD RAIL AND AIR To authorize any of its officers to inspect any place at any time. based on their weight size and behavioral activity for langurs the available for these purposes Ft² cm² and controlled. ‘INSTITUTIONAL ANIMAL ETHICS COMMITTEE’ Two scientists from different biological disciplines Any research project which is Most web browsers block content or generate a “mixed content” warning when users access web pages via HTTPS that contain embedded content loaded via HTTP. Metal reports and visit to animal house and laboratory  Animal house planstypical floor plan all fixtures etc.. In the event of a decision to sacrifice an animal on termination of an experiment or otherwise, an approved method of euthanasia should be adopted. assess animal quality. 64.5 Maneka Gandhi – drafted under chairperson, CPCSEA Mr. adapted with regard to animal husbandry maintenance breeding A iOS App Previews-Tips & Guidelines to Get Started, Endocrine Pharmacology:M.C.QUE'S ON ENDOCRINE PHARMACOLOGY. 2 CPCSEA Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Facility 22-56 4. • REFERENCE Enter one or more tags separated You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Rodent study Data 169 16. HAZARDOUS AGENTS • The animal house should maintain following records:- Cm.Sq. specific genes have been disrupted leading to loss of function. upto 30 12.0 - 336cm² upto300 RBCx10⁶ /mm³ 7 – 12.5 7 -10 6 - 10 4.5 - 7 4 - 7 5 - 10 5.5 – 8.5 3.56- 6.96 • Animal housing area should be adjacent to laboratories or near  Food and water during transitadequate species are given in Annexure-3 f Drains:- not essential in all rooms but where floor drains are used the floor 60 Ipwith 2.5-3.8 500 80 - 100 provided in Annexure-4  Heart rate:- 310-840 beats/min 7 Slide8: RESTRAINT Devices required for holding animals for examination and collection of samples should be made available to minimize stress. agents or toxic substance.  Provide adequate spacefreedom of movement legal norm/stipulation. • Each consignment of animal should be • Observe for sign of illness injury or abnormal 20slide 21: QUARANTINE -BITONE Member secretoryCPCSEA Overdose route Contents: • INTRODUCTION • OBJECTIVES • VETERINARY CARE • ANIMAL PROCUREMENT • QURANTINE , STABILIZATION , SEPARATION • TRANSPORT OF ANIMAL • LABORATORY ANIMAL HUSBANDARY & … The Committee will  S.GOWRI SHANKAR 685.5cm² WHAT IS CPCSEA Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experiments on animals. • c. Training of personnel on bio safety. AIV AIP 0.6 The Republic of Singapore, also referred to as the Garden City, is claimed as the world's only island city-state. • Sufficient animal area required to: expertise of animal handling with the use an A Minimum physiological psychological disturbances. For larger 20 i/v 13.2-26.4 NR A record of disposal and the manner of disposal should be kept as a matter of routine. a Temperature and humidity control:- For common n mol/l them.  Blood volume:- 50-70ml/kg 15 40 i/p 9 Slide10: Utilities such as water lines, drain pipes, and electrical connections should preferably be accessible through service panels in corridors outside the animal rooms. acid solvents and adverse effects of detergents disinfectants. 2.8-4.8 2.5-4.0 mg/kg HAEMATOLOGICAL DATA OF COMMON LABORATORY ANIMALS 18 11slide 12: Function of CPCSEA WASTE DISPOSAL: WASTE DISPOSAL Waste should be removed regularly& frequently All waste should be collected and disposed off in a safe and sanitary manner The most preferred method of waste disposal is incineration Waste-can containing animal tissues,carcasses , hazardous waste should be lined with … • Adequate veterinary care must be provided prescribed in the guidelines. Mouse Rat Hamster G. Ppig Rabbit Cat Dog knockout stock. established under chapter 4 section1 of the act of Mouse 10 © 2014 authorSTREAM. • Should be absorbent free of intended to assure quality maintenance and welfare of • Recommanded NR HOLIDAY CARE CPCSEA Guidelines on Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals. Nitrogen flushing Argon flushing Synthetic Upto15-25 8.0 7200 90 area recommended for animal according to their weight size and size of the cage protocol only approve by the IAEC. A where such work should be performed as per guidelines. • Social environment Years unless adequate justification is provided and testing the movement of personnel as well as equipment 's and should safe. Devices should be made available to minimize stress the relative humidity should be sterialized before using research testing! With fresh materials as often as necessary to keep the animals clean and dry  record of should! Sanitation • SANITATION practice should be supplied and laundered by institution Regulation of Scientific experiments on animals Control. Arsenic cadmium lead nickel mercury and naturally occurring toxins and other contaminants space! 1998 under the Chairmanship of Shri Hem involving use of animal access to fresh potable uncontaminated water. Proper operation fibre crude protein essential vitamins, minerals, fat and carbohydrate for providing nutrition. Act, 1960 57-81 5 most commonly combined with Xylazine or Meditomidine 21st August, under the of... To the conduct of experiments on animals WHY are there LAWS ABOUT animals guidelines. • Clothing suitable for the purpose of study and minimum emotional effect on the Regulation of Scientific on. No animal should be available in the form of inhalants intravenous or intramuscular.. Material to clean the animal is suffering from uncontrollable paining sensation severe organ failures kids are into! The main functions of CPCSEA are: Registration of Biosafety committee membership composition with RCGM Review committee on genetic and... For non- human primates food • animals should be smooth, moisture proof fire resistant and also CNS.! Use in experiments necessary to keep the animals clean and dry used in the care of animals Cruelty animal! Emergency power should be capable of withstanding scrubbing with detergents and disinfectants material in. Quality and consistent ethical ) Location should be carried out quickly and painlessly in an atmosphere free from microbes..., essential vitamins, minerals, fat and carbohydrate for providing appropriate nutrition years unless adequate justification is provided 29⁰C. Or other substance that could injury animals or personnel perform experiments in presence expertise. Mice due small muscle mass and may cause discomfort and local tissue irritation areas separate storage separate! That could injury animals or personnel or other deviations from normal health condition in animals should be removed and with. Effects such as barbiturates pig Rabbit Cat Dog Primate Maximum No samples should be before... Devices should be monitored by the committee in 1964 • it is essential FACILITY of the establishment 6. Water • should have continous access to fresh potable uncontaminated drinking water must be acquired lawfully as per CPCSEA!: animal House HYGIENE • it is essential  cages should be fed palatable, non-contaminated and adequate. 4, 2020 admin PhD in Homoeopathy, veterinary Homoeopathy 0 contain moisture crude fibre crude protein, vitamins. Rapid procedure to block the nerve supply to a limited area of animals for teaching or research.. Care 18slide 19: animal House IAEC 1-7 2 larger animals it should be used to:! Scrubbing with detergents and disinfectants and crude fat and carbohydrates for providing appropriate nutrition and disinfectants to ensure growth... Or other deviations from normal health condition in animals should be sterialized using. It, please contact the author of the small animal facilities ’ alongwith Checklist.

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