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How to bring more effectiveness in mathematics teaching-learning right from the school level of...

by Hemen Dutta | Jan 10, 2018

To educate is to empower”. With that belief imbibed in me since my childhood, I, Aroonita, am...

by Aroonita Bose | Jan 06, 2018

आपके विचार से प्राथमिक शिक्षा में ऐसा क्या सुधार किया जाए की वर्तमान शिक्षा पद्धति को अधिक...

by SURESH KUMAR | Dec 04, 2017

In Comptons effect of scattering of photons when it collide with electon. Electron is assumed to...

by Kapil Kumar Saxena | Oct 08, 2017

It's some time confuses us that is learning outcome is related to obtained marks? What I...

by shivdutt belwal | Sep 27, 2017

Please share Maths Karnataka board model question papers if available in ICT web site

by Sumana Kamat | Sep 24, 2017

With the recent incidents across Schools in India, I agree with each one of you who say that the...

by Neha | Sep 18, 2017

Best yoga school in India, Pranayama Teacher Training Course, Yoga Teacher Training Goa, Best...

by ashtak yoga | Aug 22, 2017

Please suggest me how I can contribute to periodicals?

by Ranjith | Sep 13, 2017

Is it possible to teach history in a way that it doubles up as peace studies?

by meena | Jun 14, 2017

English remains an obsession for the employers as well for the society. Parents still want...

by Parveen Kumar Sharma | May 18, 2017

Dear all,
I have built a social driven score tracking system,...

by KymAdmin | May 03, 2017