Thinking food - Crossword

Food is an important aspect of festivals. But how much do we know about the traditional dishes associated with each festival? Here is a crossword puzzle with some popular delicacies from across the globe.

Festivals are occasions to decorate the house, wear new clothes, prepare mouth-watering dishes, and socialize with neighbours and friends. Everywhere in the world, festivals are characterized by specific foods. Often, festival food evolves as part of the social custom of the particular region. For example, harvest in most states in South India is celebrated with pongal, a rice preparation, usually sweetened with jaggery. In North India, til gajak, a roasted sesame seed and jaggery preparation  is an integral part of festivals like Baisakhi and Lohri.

Traditional foods are fast disappearing, especially in cities where people have little time and patience to devote themselves to the preparation of these foods. While anything new should be welcomed, the old need not be forgotten. Schools could make a conscious attempt to highlight the significance of festivals, the associated festivities and their choicest delicacies. Crossword puzzles could be one way to introduce students to the rich world of festivals. The worksheet  has a puzzle based on festival foods. The solution has been given as well.

This resource first appeared in Teacher Plus, Issue No. 50, September-October 1997 and has been adapted here with changes.

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