Using Pair Work & Group Work in Primary Classes ~ TESS India

00 hours 29 mins

This series of videos is produced by TESS-India to support teachers in developing learner-centred classroom practices. Filmed in primary and secondary schools in India, the aim of the videos is to inspire teachers to experiment with using similar approaches in their own classrooms.

A teacher asks her students to work in pairs to familiarise themselves with new language in a lower primary class.


A teacher manages group-based activities in a multigrade, multilingual context in a lower primary science class.


A teacher organises her students to work in pairs to create number problems in a lower primary math class.


A teacher has arranged her upper primary students into four groups in which members decide who will take responsibility for different aspects of the activity in a science class.


A teacher uses pair talk to prepare her students for an individual writing task for an upper primary language & literacy class.


A teacher uses groupwork in a discussion-based activity for an upper primary language & literacy class.





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Nice ressources. How can I download them?

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These resources are on youtube. You can directly download videos from there using third party services. Or you may request a DVD from TESS-India also. 

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