Sentence construction - the fun way

sentence construction - a fun way - Vineet Nair
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Here is a short video, captured on a cell phone, showing how a teacher went about teaching the students how to construct sentences in English.

The activity is to be done in small groups.

  • First you need to write down the sentences in a notebook as per the students' level of understanding.
  • Then you make chits with one word on each chit. For example, if the sentence is "My name is Raju", you prepare 4 paper chits, each containing one word. 
  • Instruct them to first read each word and then try to construct a sentence with all the chits. You can help them in constructing, if they find it difficult to do so. 
  • After they construct the sentences, you can ask questions based on what they've just constructed and also teach them grammar based on the sentence, such as tense, singular, plural etc.


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i would like try this. looks cool.

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