It is OK to Fail by Ann Wiseman

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Here is Ann Wiseman's inspirational words for the tinkerer, doers, doubters, the 'failures' & the triumphants residing in each one of us. The text is taken from her book "Making Things."

It's OK to Fail 

It’s OK to try something new. 
It’s OK to make mistakes.
You will learn a lot from them.
It’s OK to take risks.
 It’s OK to take your time.
It’s OK to find your own pace.
It’s OK to try it your own way.
It’s OK to fail.
You can always try again free of fear.
It’s OK to look foolish.
It’s OK to be different.
It’s OK to wait until you feel ready.
 It’s OK to experiment (in safety).
It’s OK to question the “shoulds”.
It’s special to be you.
It is necessary to make a mess – which you are willing to clean up.
(The act of creation of often messy)
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