Children Demonstrating Life in the Stone Age - A Documentary

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In India, even today efforts are being made to make education child centered. What should be the motto of teaching ? Increasing enthusiasm in kids or just getting them ready to pass an examination. It is being said, if eduction is interesting and entertaining at the same time, it becomes memorable for lifetime. Within four years of short job tenure a teacher from Jaunpur has brought a big change not only in his school but also motivates others to get the best out of their students.

Singh Shivam Kumar Rajendra sounds big name but his works are as big as his name. Drawing the best out of the odd geographical structure of his school, he turned the whole village into a classroom for his kids. Where most of the teachers ask to pity on them for the odd situations a teacher has to go through, he is an epitome of assiduous and conscientious teacher.

It's a watershed event in the history of Primary Education when children enliven the stone aged human. Children of Primary School Lakhesar in the dress of early men are acting so marvelously with full gesture that you won't be able to differentiate it with any documentary going on a Discovery channel. In this documentary, children demonstrated how the early men used to prey, what did they eat, their habitats, their instruments and weapons. Many more minor details are displayed effortlessly in this short yet commendable piece of work. This movie is directed as well as scripted by Singh Shivam. The voice echoing in the movie, telling you each minor detail is of this assiduous teacher only.

Mission Shikshan Samvad a group of teachers extended technical help and the movie is made under the banner of Shivam films. The beauty of the movie is it's real locations and speciality is it's made without a penny spend. All fundamental and imperative items were collected by school cabinet. Within two days of its release, the movie was watched by hundreds of YouTube viewers and the acting was commendable by everyone. 'The Stone Age - A Documentary' movie was displayed in many smart class of basic schools in this city as well as other cities.

Dr. Rajendra Singh BSA of Jaunpur appreciated school's effort for its unique initiative. Rajeev Yadav BEO Sikrara blessed these kids and gave a special treat to the entire school for this milestone effort.

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