Appreciating Art, Music & Poetry

Vidyaranya: Appreciating Art, Music and Poetry
00 hours 03 mins

"Art has this wonderful capacity of being all interlinked," says Naina, a teacher at Vidyaranya School, Hyderabad.
In this video, she shares her reflections on teaching English.


PriyankaG's picture

Lovely video Naina! When we say to draw from, build upon and further a child's experiences we sometimes do get carried away by one of the strongest means of perception i.e. the eyes.... Bringing in music, sound and visuals, texture, taste and more just helps widen the possibilities of connecting with the child's experiences... the experiences which might not be at the surface, not in the conscious mind but nevertheless that holds as much importance and meaning for the child.  I hope to be able to apply the same in my pedagogy someday.  Please do keep sharing such snippets...

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