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In a flipped CCE, encourage students to self evaluate themselvesArticle | By Azim Premji University | Sep 05, 2017  | Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Six to ten years of age is appropriate, suitable and wonderful for natural learning.

How safe are your school playgrounds?Article | By TeacherPlus | Aug 01, 2017  | Sports and Physical Education, Views and Reflections | 2 Likes

Anyone would think a playground is a harmless place.

Effective use of classroom boardArticle | By Editor English | Aug 29, 2017  | Arts, Environmental Science, Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Views and Reflections | 1 Like

Even in 2017 in the era of so-called smartboards, Eleanor Watts' The Blackboard Book holds its ground on using t

What Do We Actually 'Celebrate' In Our Schools?Article | By Subir Shukla | Aug 30, 2017  | Social Studies, Views and Reflections | 1 Like
'So, you're 'celebrating' again.'
When she found her two sons were dyslexicArticle | By TeacherPlus | Aug 28, 2017  | Language, Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Ever since Kate Currawalla learnt that her two sons were dyslexic she wanted to do something to help childre

Can you tell a good Story?Article | By umashankerperiodi | Jul 10, 2017  | Views and Reflections | 2 Likes

The practice of telling stories and listening to stories is slowly disappearing from our life and society.

Drawing is child’s way of expressing when words failArticle | By Azim Premji Foundation | Aug 18, 2017  | Arts | 0 Likes

In my routine professional work on a regular basis engage wit


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