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How Exam Fever Defeats the Purpose of Education?Article | By Dr. P.V.SATYA RAMESH | Apr 09, 2019  | Views and Reflections | 2 Likes

The period from January to March is crucial both for the teachers and the students of X and XII in almost all the

Visual Justification for fractionsArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

After looking at visual justifications for properties of additon for whole numbers and fractions, this poster considers the properties of multiplication for the same n

Book Review of W.W. Sawyer’s Mathematician’s DelightArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

It was during lunch on a pleasant day that I was told about this popular book on Mathematics called “Mathematician’s Delight.” I was chatting with a professor who said

Adventures in Problem Solving - March 2019Article | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

In this edition of ‘Adventures’ we study a few miscellaneous problems, some from the PRMO and some from the AIME (the ‘American Invitational Mathematics Examination’).

Pythagorean Triples and CompositionArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

We know that Pythagorean triples are infinite in number, and the most common formula for generating triples is to take two relatively prime odd numbers s and t, where

The Truncated Icosahedron – An Iconic 3-D ShapeArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

There is another class of semi-regular 3D shapes - the Archimedian solids. In these the faces are again regular polygons but they are not all congruent, i.e.

Finding the Square Root of a Four-Digit Perfect SquareArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

On the web page [1] belonging to A2Y Academy For Excellence, there appears a curious method to find the square root of a four-digit number if it is known that that num


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