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On the sums of powers of natural numbers - Part 2Article | By At Right Angles | Apr 03, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

In Part II of the article, we present a unified approach by which the formula for the sum of the k-th powers of the first n natural numbers can be obtained, for positi

Ramanujan and some elementary mathematical problemsArticle | By At Right Angles | Apr 03, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

The purpose of the present article is to narrate some interesting episodes of Ramanujan’s life and to provide a few elementary problems solved by him to demonstrate ho

Triangular NumbersArticle | By At Right Angles | Mar 27, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

Here is a popular story about the famous German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1885)

Hichki - Yes if the teacher wants, they can beat itArticle | By Simran Sadh | Apr 02, 2018  | Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

While watching the movie Hichki today, at various occasions I found myself saying to those around me ‘you know this happened in my class as well’.

Teaching English Language Learners: Exploring Best - PracticesArticle | By Teach for India | Mar 30, 2018  | Language | 2 Likes

Learning from innovative pedagogical practices and learning strategies in ‘English as Second Language’ (ESL) Classrooms

Discussing Stereotyping in your classroomE-Book | By Worth Sharing | Mar 29, 2018  | Social Studies | 0 Likes

This ebook Non-Bengali written by Joyeeta Dey and illustrated by Priyanka Kumar discusses the problems of stereotypi

Few Tips to Learn MathematicsArticle | By Hemen Dutta | Mar 21, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes
Learning mathematics can be easy if the learner studying mathematics is ready to get his/her mind straight to the subject.


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