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Circles Inscribed in SegmentsArticle | By At Right Angles | Aug 09, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

As I was going through Evan Chen’s Euclidean Geometry for Mathematical Olympiads, I came across in this remarkable problem.

A Counter-intuitive PYTHAGOREAN SURPRISEArticle | By At Right Angles | Aug 09, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

Imagine a tightly stretched rope from one end of the field to be 100m; so the length of the rope is 100m.

The Constants of Mathematics - Part 4Article | By At Right Angles | Aug 09, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

In this article, we continue our exploration of Euler’s constant e.

From Regular Pentagons to the Icosahedron via the Golden Ratio - Part 1Article | By At Right Angles | Aug 09, 2019  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

This series of articles will explore an amazing connection between three different objects in mathematics: the regular pentagon, the Golden Ratio and the icosahedron.

Teacher Lead Science Fair at Malpura, RajasthanVideo | By Adnan Buland | Aug 06, 2019  | Science & Technology | 0 Likes

I am sharing my experience of seven Science Fairs which were held in different schools of Malpura block in 2019 and which was inspired by one 

Goldilocks of the BrainVideo | By Purnima Valiathan | Jul 26, 2019  | Others | 2 Likes

How working memory and its limitations impact learning and what teachers can do to serve content "just right".

iB Hubs Super 30 Teachers - Nominate NowArticle | By ibhubs | Jul 23, 2019  | Others | 0 Likes

Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 joins hands with iB Hubs Talent Accelerator to introduce ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to honor and salute inspiring teachers who made a differenc


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