Try giving a child a broken biscuit. Even if she accepts it, there will be some amount of displeasure about its deformity. I face this everyday with chalk-pieces, sheets of paper, paint-boxes, brushes and even old newspapers.

‘Teacher…This box doesn’t have all the colours!’

‘Teacher… This paper is torn in the corner.’

Friends, everyone loves to listen to stories. It is very easy to convey a concept or a message through stories. But we need to keep certain things in mind while using the story as a medium to teach concepts. There should not be any room for discrimination or cause pain in using children’s names, family, social and economic background. Let us know more about this endeavor.

If we ask a question to ourselves in the context of formal Indian schooling system, do we focus on core subject areas or co-curricular areas? The answer would be core subject areas, where the cocurricular areas are dealt superficially. But these co-curricular subjects also play an important role in the overall development of child.

Are approaches to teaching Biology determined and constrained by its origins as a ‘science’? Or, would an approach that incorporates ‘art’ into its teaching practice enhance student learning? The author attempts to answer this question through some classroom examples from his own practice.

When lazy Raghu Mama claims he can go on wild adventures without leaving his chair, Amish and Soni are amazed. How does he do it? Can Amish and Soni go on these adventures too?

Explore and understand virtual reality in a fun way through this story of Lazy Mama. Whether you like it or not but there are lots of thing in education and learning which is possible through the application of Virtual Reality. And it is too simple to get or make a Virtual Reality headset too.

This article talks of the diversity among schools in India and how schools should collaborate in order to make a difference which is sustainable.


Grant Snider challenges you to chuck the curse of perfectionism and be productive. Add multitasking and procrastination to it, too. Counter-intuitive, it may appear. Try it out for yourself and for your learners before you dismiss this idea.

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By aroonita | Jan 6, 2018

To educate is to empower”. With that belief imbibed in me since my childhood, I, Aroonita, am engaged with the education sector in more ways than one. As an educational counsellor, a facilitator, an evaluator, a writer & a communicator, I involve in every sphere to spread education to learners & the society at large. The continuous and dynamic changes in the field of education and the role of teaching excite me to learn about the contemporary global educational standards, which I further can implement with learners I interact with.


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