Rarely has a book so perfectly matched its title. The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity by Sheshagiri KM Rao is one such and what a gentle read it was! Written as a tribute to the mathematics teacher who influenced his life, Sheshagiri Rao has managed to show us with his account just how far reaching a teacher’s influence can be and how this teacher did it, not commandingly or overtly or even intentionally but with his sheer love for the subject he taught and his innate respect for the students he taught.

This article focuses on the changing role of a teacher since last twenty years and the way the responsibilities have multiplied with its impact on the teaching-learning and their mental health.

The Global Teacher Prize - dubbed the 'Nobel Prize' of teaching -  underlines the importance of the teaching profession and symbolises the fact that teachers throughout the world deserve to be recognised and celebrated. It is heartening to know that 4 teachers from India have been finalists in top 50.  

Teachers of India salutes these pathbreakers who continue do things their way and do it inspirationally so well.

Santhi Karamcheti

This is perhaps a very common situation that most teachers have to go through—having a fellow teacher’s child in your classroom. A situation like this can sometimes upset the dynamics of a class. How should you as a teacher treat your colleague’s child so as not to seem biased in anyway? What should you do to allow the child to handle the situation rationally?

A review of Paul Lockhart's book - A Mathematician's lament.

What sets this school apart? Read on to find out!


Teachers will always remain at the heart of the teaching process. Their role, at its core, is to ignite young minds and hearts.


Teachers’ Days are special days intended to recognize and appreciate teachers. While World Teachers’ Day is on the fifth day of October, each country celebrates Teachers’ Day on a day significant to their journey of education, or to celebrate the memory of a local educationist. In every region, this appreciation is shown in different ways, drawing from the specific cultures and traditions.

Here's what one teacher did to make testing more effective...

Aryan Public School is in Seelampur and caters to a fairly diverse co-ed population of 650 students. The fees are Rs 400 per month. Too often, standard written assessments are only successful at drawing out knowledge from students at the higher-end of the ability spectrum - those students who comfortable with written communication. 

Continued Theme: Assessment and tracking of Student Attendance, progress and achievement


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