Class 11-12

Sandhya Gajjar and Sonal Baxi

Saktibrata Sen and Nidhi Vinayak

Three pillars of literacy

Orality, orthographic expertise and exposure to a variety of texts – together constitute a comprehensive literacy experience for children. These three pillars are neither incremental nor causal in nature. They are, in fact, spirally intertwined and if early readers experience them simultaneously, it helps them to become motivated, independent readers.

Rajashree Srinivasan

Pratibha Katiyar

Poorva Agarwal

Pompa Ghoshal

Kamlesh Chandra Joshi

Kamala Bhandari

Janak Ram and Munshilal Barse

Indira Vijayasimha

In a hard-to-reach corner of Southern Odisha’s Rayagada district lies the sleepy village of Kashipur. Aspects of the village are picture-perfect, with gently undulating hills and streams. The hillsides are covered with a chequered quilt of cultivated squares and the observer is struck by the many shades of green that exist in the landscape.


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