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Today is Charlie Chaplin's birthday. He made you smile by being silent through out his illustrious career. But then, in 1940 he made 'The Great Dictator' where he spoke only once. Not a homily. But that which trancends region, religion, language, caste, creed & colour. A voice of conscience which was pained at the happenings of that era. We are including Melody Sheep version of the speech which remixed the images from the contemporary happenings. Relevant as ever.

In this episode of "How To Prove It", we discuss some more applications of Ptolemy's theorem.

This article is the first in a series dealing with inequalities. We shall show that in the world of algebra as well as the worlds of geometry and trigonometry, there are numerous inequalities of interest which can be proved in ways that are easy as well as instructive.

Here's an addendum to Fagnano's Problem.

When we see a problem on maximization or minimization, we generally think of calculus or linear programming. But in reality, problems are never bound to a specific tool and we are always free to try something different, like high school geometry and even a bit of physics! Here we are looking at Fagnano's problem.

We are revisiting Regional Math Olympiad (India) 2016 problem here.

Challenge your senior graders with this set of problems

There appears to be a persistent belief in mathematical textbooks and mathematics teaching that good practice involves first providing students with a concise definition of a concept before examples of the concept and its properties are further explored. The problem with this overwhelmingly popular approach is that it creates the misconception that mathematics always starts with definitions, and hides from students that a particular concept can often be defined in many different equivalent ways. This article sheds some light on this.

On tilings. This is an extension of earlier articles published in At Right Angles (March & July 2014 issues).

At Right Angles met up with author Ramya to discuss her article on Knot Theory. Over coffee, Ramya adeptly made sense of a tangled bunch of wool which I had carried with me to try and see if Knot Theory could help me untangle the web.


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