Class 3-5

Sums of squares of the natural numbers from the Pascal triangle.

Many people are of the opinion that mathematics is only about numbers and number operations, and thus myths related to who can do mathematics and who cannot, abound. It is possible that children may struggle with numbers, but it is hard to believe that there could be a child who doesn’t recognize patterns. We see children creating patterns all the time using stones, sticks, leaves, flowers, finger prints, vegetable carvings, rubber stamp impressions and also mathematical shapes.

After looking at visual justifications for properties of additon for whole numbers and fractions, this poster considers the properties of multiplication for the same number sets.

The activities in these handbooks developed by Centre For Environmental Education have been made to encourage students to observe and explore their environment; to understand relationships in nature, and between humans and nature; and to learn better how humans are an integral part of the intricate web of life. We believe that learning can be more fun, both for the student and the teacher, when based on real experiences.

This Walking Cylinder is made from a toilet roll, straws and other odd materials.

Here are several versions of tumbling toys that are fun to play with and are easy to build.


These videos will help you learn how to assess the progress and performance of your students at Primary level.

Students are helped to translate folk songs from their home language into the school language.

A teacher’s planning includes creating resources to help her students practise using English letters and words.


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