Punitive Actions to Teach Discipline and Subject

By parveenwrites | Sep 29, 2016

There has been news about teachers beating the children at school or scolding them badly. We who say that we have learnt from stric teachers can not favour the beatings today. It is not about child-rights or about human rights. I wish to ask, Do the Teachers beat kids because they know less of teaching (might be full of knowledge)? What approach a school should have about inculcating discipline and stopping Punitive Actions?

Role of Non-Government Organisations in improving teaching standards in India

By Kumar589 | Jul 14, 2016

For any program to be successful we need a third eye , it could be watchful or a guiding hand.

I work at STiR Education which believes in empowering teachers to be change-makers working on their motivation levels and on how society perceives the teaching profession in totality. This is my 3rd year at STiR team and I would like to share my learnings in the education field with them & through them which I am sure will ring an immediate bell. 

How to build character strengths in children?

By aksheyjawa | Apr 25, 2016

Dear all,

Can you please suggest how a school can teach character strengths or spiritual qualities like - love/compassion, fearlessness, honesty, will power, calmness/peace, patience, selflessness, etc ? Idea is not just to teach but help them build these strengths also.

Lets Improve Government Schools

By gmm04790 | Apr 15, 2016

Government Schools are the sources where 100% free quality education is possible to be given to kids to transform them into productive, healthy, useful citizens of tomorrow.

When we talk to a teacher about Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) and ask them how they are doing it in their school then they almost always equate assessment with periodic examinations. The very word 'assessment' needs a careful handling of it, particularly the purpose of doing it. The important aspect being who is doing it and what is the intended outcome of such assessment. Assessment can mean how better a child learns (sharing the child's learning with her parents is the intended outcome).

Preparing mark lists for hundreds of students and then taking a print out is a boring and painful chore. Is there a way out to do it fast, so that teachers can address more important issues, namely the art and craft of teaching? Well, you prayers are answered!

This year the Teachers of India stood up to applaud the contributions of the stalwarts who made the art & craft of learning so wonderful. We went nostalgic to recall our very first day as teachers. We recognized the hard fought battles we won to celebrate children,  child's right and childhood. Here is a refreshing of our memories of those days and events.

Thank you all.

Being a teacher is always fraught with a lot of stress inside and outside of the classroom. If you want to make it to the A list club of teachers, you should be someone who also is well relaxed and very energetic. Teaching in a virtual classroom has benefits that may not translate to wellbeing for the tutor himself or herself. As a tutor, the best laid plans for teaching students often can see the light of the day, if tutors are focused in constructive strategies and techniques and relaxed in their approach.


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