In this article, I shall discuss two important aspects of school life. First, the aims and use of the school assembly and second, teaching the same subject at different levels.

The Assembly

I joined the teaching profession 30 years ago, at the time when computers were just became available for everyone. It was quite natural to expect Time Table Software to speed up the work and to save hundred plus hours of teachers. Writing individual time tables of large number of teachers by hand was a nightmare for time table committee. ( Even today, most of the schools are doing this tedious work by hand ! why ?)
It is impossible. You may not agree. But it is simply not possible.  Sex and learning will not go together. No amount of sex education can strike a deal between sex and education. Either sex or education, but not both. This is not a personal opinion but it is a scientific fact. Brain sciences have evidence for it.

Three decades ago, on a summer vacation, I had my first encounter with GRAMMAR. My dad got this ‘wonderful idea’ of teaching me grammar for enhancing my English language skills. With a very limited proficiency in English (English in its text book incarnation came to my world only in class 4) I was least ready to fight my battle. Dad, with his neat and beautiful hand writing, wrote “climb- climbed – climbed----- play- played- played…” There was a five-line gap between each set and I was asked to copy and write them in those five lines.

What's the story of a humble beginner to become a good and happy teacher?

A practice of education must enable its beneficiaries to attain the balance of mind by which we become also mindful of needs of others.

This quote has been a huge inspiration for me to get up and walk on this profound journey of Teaching-learning. It has been 8 such months since I started helping children to learn.

This article talks of the diversity among schools in India and how schools should collaborate in order to make a difference which is sustainable.


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By aroonita | Jan 6, 2018

To educate is to empower”. With that belief imbibed in me since my childhood, I, Aroonita, am engaged with the education sector in more ways than one. As an educational counsellor, a facilitator, an evaluator, a writer & a communicator, I involve in every sphere to spread education to learners & the society at large. The continuous and dynamic changes in the field of education and the role of teaching excite me to learn about the contemporary global educational standards, which I further can implement with learners I interact with.

It has been found (right from Pythagorean times) that the frequency of the tonic and the frequencies of the rest of the tones and semi-tones form a simple ratio. A particular musical tone always has the same frequency ratio relationship with the tonic. The western solfege syllables corresponding to Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni are Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti respectively.

This website allows any teacher to enter content in free games to be played with their students as a big group. All games are played using only a project. The game functionality is in English but the content entered in the questions can be in any language.

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