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Kamla Bhasin's haunting reminders on gender stereotyping are as relevant as ever. Here is the 1st one. You may use it as a 'seed idea' & explore discussions & debate with your learners. You may ask them to build a skit or paint a picture on the same theme.

Dear Teacher,

Khan Academy has launched a Talent Search for amazing explainers to help build the world’s most comprehensive, engaging library of videos.

Periods are something women and girls have been having for thousands of years – it’s the reason you and I are even here. And yet around the world, there’s still an element of shame associated with a woman’s monthly cycle.

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Are there any reliable stewards of this blue planet, today?

Geography as a subject entails the study of the Earth as the home of man; hence a framework of geographical knowledge is indispensable in the conduct of human affairs. Professor K. Mason from Oxford once said, “Many of our present-day troubles can be traced to the neglect of the teaching of geography.” A geographer can make a definite contribution to numerous modern problems. Teaching geography through current events and practical examples will help students understand geography, society, and culture better.

The Reserve Bank of India has come up with a series of illustrated stories addressing the need for financial literacy among the school students in June 2007. Here is one such eBook Join Raju in his journey beyond the money tree.

'So, you're 'celebrating' again.'
'Yes, it's Independence Day tomorrow.'

Here's a Zen Pencils' cartoon that comes handy for a social science teacher (& for parents) to talk about diversity, inclusion & need for stepping out from one's comfort zone. Gavin, the cartoonist takes Mark Twain's quote on educational journey. Even though it speaks about racism at a global level, our classrooms are not picture perfect either.

Behind the humble chilli is a fascinating story that takes one around the world. This story is not just about the spicy chilli, but also about the adventures of brave warriors and traders, about stormy seas and new lands. Enjoy this fascinating account written by a renowned expert on globalization.

This manual is designed as a resource guide for teachers and volunteers working with children who have been exposed to natural disasters or traumatic experiences. It includes some simple activities to enhance children’s participation in helping themselves and reaching out to other children who have been affected.


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