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This TED Ed lesson takes you though the history & science of milk production.

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Social Science

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Old Stone Age... Paleolithic or Old Stone Age: from the first production of stone artefacts, about 2.5 million years ago, to the end of the last Ice Age, about 9,600 BCE. This is the longest Stone Age period.Jul 18, 2014

We have launched a new 

NISM is an educational initiative from the Security & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that has been working on financial literacy programs for school children. This activity on 'What is a budget?" is taken from their website. Let your learners apply the basics of math, economics & sustainable living skills into their daily life.

Asking right kind of questions is far more enriching than simply finding answers to a fact-based question. In history, we tend to ask fact-based questions. Take for example , the theme on Ashokan edicts. Here is a classroom idea of putting those words of the edict into contemporary context & start questioning the rituals, practices, rules? All responses are valid. Be sure, your learners' engagement will be different.

Ever curious about the reaches of the United Nation and what they do? Here's a great video to improve your understanding of the UN, including its role in world politics and policy making, all in less than 2 minutes!

This story of Meena focuses on the importance of proper hygiene. It teaches that people must use latrines, and wash their hands with safe, clean water and soap or ashes after using latrines and before touching food if they wish to stay healthy. These simple habits prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.

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Like many heroes of Greek myths, the philosopher Hippasus was rumored to have been mortally punished by the gods. But what was his crime? Did he murder guests or disrupt a sacred ritual? No, Hippasus's transgression was mathematically proving the hitherto unprovable. Ganesh Pai describes the history and math behind irrational numbers in this TED Ed lesson. 

Bullying is one of the top concerns that parents have about their children’s safety and well-bein

Check this TED Ed lesson on how the units for measurement evolved & why standardization makes sense.

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