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Rex D' Rozario was not a scientist. Nor was he a science graduate. When it comes to the most influential science journalists, his is a revered name. He was with Kishore Bharati, a Prof Anil Sadagopal's initiative.

This time in Meena's story, her teacher talks about the need for cleanliness and how it helps them stay away from disease causing worms.

Let us dream about the school first!
Let us first imagine the school as a space for children. Imagine yourself to be a child once again.

Calling all Computer Science Teachers

By smita.singh77 | Jan 17, 2017

The future will belong to creators, innovators and leaders with strong problem solving, critical thinking, design thinking and technology skills.

To equip children with these crucial skills, we are bringing an award winning global tech program for kids aged 8-16 years, that empowers children to be creators. It is a fun-filled online learning program through which kids learn coding, design & animation.

When will you see what phase of moon? Would you be able to see first quarter in the early morning sky? Would you be able to see third crescent in the western sky?

Are you looking for a book that offers a fun, new perspective to science? In this review, join a mother and son as they share their experiences of one such book, called The Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist.

We are bequeathed a legacy of clever and painstaking experiments by the pioneers of modern science. In the age of information overload, it is prudent to consider why we need to dirty our hands doing experiments, instead of merely depending on processed information to push the frontiers of science.

Google celebrates 340th anniversary of the Scietific world's discovery that light travels at a constant velocity. The doodle is based on Romer’s observation study of Jupiter’s moon Io, that subsequently led to his calculation of the velocity of light.

The crucial discovery was made by Danish scientist Ole Rømer in 1676, while working at the Royal Observatory in Paris. Romer's discovery later became the foundation for several pathbreaking discoveries in Physics.

You might have already seen Arvind Gupta explaining the basic shapes in mathematics (& simple organic molecules) by a matchstick model. They are easier to make and very important tools helping learners visually the structures spatially.



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