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Press fit a long plastic pen tube in a bottle lid. Press a hard straw on the rim for blowing. Stretch a torn balloon on the lid to make a taut membrane. Push the pen from below to touch the membrane. Now on blowing through the straw you will hear loud sound. The vibrating membrane will produce the sound.

For pictorial view of the steps to make this toy, click on this link:

This interactive Lesson Plan will help you understand the structure of atom. The in built questions and answers are really interesting and challenges the student to think and strengthen his/her conpects around this topic. 

Topics like Biodiversity and ecosystem are a part of syllabus that has been prepared for environmental science by NCERT for 9th and 10th std students. That can be taught with the help of this module.

Through these two Lesson Plans children will understand meaning of instruction in real life, which will help them to get a sense of Computer Programming.

Press fit a stiff straw near the base of a stiff plastic bottle. Now place a balloon in the bottle and stretch its mouth on the bottle. On sucking from the stiff straw the balloon will inflate inside the bottle. Fill the balloon with water and screw the lid. The lid has a thin stiff straw). Open the lower straw end. The balloon will shrink and water will gush out into a beautiful fountain.

Technology in education/word puzzles

By kjoshi1 | Nov 1, 2018

Since this is a forum for teachers, just thought I would share some work in innovative technology that I have published.
Would request language teachers to try out my Android app called "Prowordial". Prowordial is a complex algorithm generated word puzzle with words and definitions across a comprehensive literary and scientific lexicon, created, programmed and implemented solely by me. The pilot in a series of programmatically generated educational games/content for older college going students and teachers alike.

Through this Lessn Plan children will learn to play a type of logic puzzle and learn to solve them.

We learned to solve some word maze puzzles in the presentation on Logic Puzzles here. This worksheet has some more.


This Presentation is on logic puzzle and how to solve them.

Curriculum designed around use and advocacy of natural building materials for an open learning centre in rural /tribal spaces.

Material: Mud/ Bamboo/ stones Objective to use these materials:


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