Humans are visual creatures and we can easily learn things when we see it. This is why it is important for you as a teacher to innovate your teaching methods using the advantage of technology. In fact, you’ll see a lot of changes in the field of education in current times. Not to mention the use of smart boards, online learning and paperless schools.

We had a big hall in our previous school which we used as a book distribution area because there was no library as such in our rented premises. It was different from the usual library as it did not have shelves, chairs and tables and reading corners. However, this didn’t mean we restricted our students from reading. We arranged the necessary resources for reading to them. From the beginning, there was no specific structure in the functioning of our library.

It was very early days in a new school. Also it was a new experience for me to be a facilitator of English in a school where English was the second language. I found that English was a ‘Monster’ in the mind of every child, especially in upper- primary classes because they don’t get any hearing input from outside or from their environment (where listening is the first step to learn any language).

This is an account of an attempt made in February this year to clear the concept of perimeter to class five. A story was narrated that was connected to the environment of children. The children loved the story from the beginning to the end. This story had the names from their surroundings, village and rural environment. The children understood the concept of perimeter almost in the first attempt itself. There was a village called Ichhapur where this incident took place a few years ago. There was a big open space in Ichhapur.

When lazy Raghu Mama claims he can go on wild adventures without leaving his chair, Amish and Soni are amazed. How does he do it? Can Amish and Soni go on these adventures too?

Explore and understand virtual reality in a fun way through this story of Lazy Mama. Whether you like it or not but there are lots of thing in education and learning which is possible through the application of Virtual Reality. And it is too simple to get or make a Virtual Reality headset too.

Three decades ago, on a summer vacation, I had my first encounter with GRAMMAR. My dad got this ‘wonderful idea’ of teaching me grammar for enhancing my English language skills. With a very limited proficiency in English (English in its text book incarnation came to my world only in class 4) I was least ready to fight my battle. Dad, with his neat and beautiful hand writing, wrote “climb- climbed – climbed----- play- played- played…” There was a five-line gap between each set and I was asked to copy and write them in those five lines.

This article talks of the diversity among schools in India and how schools should collaborate in order to make a difference which is sustainable.


Join Tooka, Poi, and their best friend Inji the dog, as they go around collecting seeds. The adventure begins when the three friends meet Pacha the tamarind tree.

Hello everyone!! I am new here..

By aroonita | Jan 6, 2018

To educate is to empower”. With that belief imbibed in me since my childhood, I, Aroonita, am engaged with the education sector in more ways than one. As an educational counsellor, a facilitator, an evaluator, a writer & a communicator, I involve in every sphere to spread education to learners & the society at large. The continuous and dynamic changes in the field of education and the role of teaching excite me to learn about the contemporary global educational standards, which I further can implement with learners I interact with.


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