A teacher’s planning includes creating resources to help her students practise using English letters and words.

A teacher prepares questions and pictures before a storytelling session to help all his young students understand the story.

Technology-The Competitive Edge for Education

By Santosh G | Jan 28, 2019

In today's digital world, technology has covered almost all walks of life. It is omnipresent. Hence, the teachers should understand its significance and start getting familiar with it. This is because the coming generations are so smart and techno-savvy than us. If we make an effective use of technology, we can convert the classrooms into better learning places avoiding boredom and simplify the content. It will also empower the teacher to explain the abstract ideas with better visualized manner. So let's gear up and make most out of it!!

This article talks about an activity where students make global connect and share about their history, culture and tradition. This is an effective way to enhance the communication skills and bring confidence in the classroom. Making connections with the educators across the globe will lead to a collaborative efforts of learning on a global platform. Taking SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the classroom becomes easy. So let's Skype and learn...

Skype and Learning

“How can I make my classes interesting?”

“Are there activities for making students more enthusiastic?”

These are questions often asked by teachers in myriad schools. Fortunately, there does exist a number of activities and games that could make classroom teaching stimulating and motivate students to learn better so why not take a look?


Technology in education/word puzzles

By kjoshi1 | Nov 1, 2018

Since this is a forum for teachers, just thought I would share some work in innovative technology that I have published.
Would request language teachers to try out my Android app called "Prowordial". Prowordial is a complex algorithm generated word puzzle with words and definitions across a comprehensive literary and scientific lexicon, created, programmed and implemented solely by me. The pilot in a series of programmatically generated educational games/content for older college going students and teachers alike.

With ample resources and teachers fully equipped, private schools in India have been shifting their focus from traditional methods of teaching to activity-based learning.

Did you know that Gandhiji’s beloved charkha was made of Bamboo !

If we ask our colleagues or friends whether there is any connection between learning mathematics and language, perhaps their answer would be ‘no, there is no connection’. This is because the relationship is not evident. Based on my experiences and certain articles that I have read, I would like to share a few things about how language has and can contribute in mathematics. They are as follows:

Pratham Books has created colourful learning resources that are handy, attractive and cost-effective. Can you guess what they are? Well, these are story cards!


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