Let us dream about the school first!
Let us first imagine the school as a space for children. Imagine yourself to be a child once again.

Raju is a city kid who gets most of his fruits out of juice cartons and jam bottles. One day he gets a chance to visit his grandfather's orchard, where all the trees are full of fruit. Join him on his exciting journey of discovery in this book titled 'Ruby Red, Rosy Red'.

Do you remember being taught you should never start your sentences with “And” or “But”?

What if I told you that your teachers were wrong and there are lots of other so-called grammar rules that we’ve probably been getting wrong in our English classrooms for years?

This activity will help the children identify different vegetables and assess their drawing skills.


Shanti was a happy girl. No one had seen her sad or quiet. Then one day she went very quiet. What had happened to Shanti?

I’m going to put it out there - 

Start a story where every character, place, event, mood or thing has a same letter in its spelling. Challenge your students to extend it as much as they can!

You might have played 'antakshari' basing on the last letter. Now play a similar game basing on the last word(s) and try building the sentence sequentially. How long your meaningful sentence be? It is addictive & challenging, too!

Here is an illustrated story from Pratham Books' Storyweaver platform.

In a canopy forest in India, the Up World and Down World have always been suspicious of each other. But it all changes when Gopa the dormouse drops her book by accident on Fatima’s head. A story about the biodiversity of the canopy forests and friendship.


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