“How can I make my classes interesting?”

“Are there activities for making students more enthusiastic?”

These are questions often asked by teachers in myriad schools. Fortunately, there does exist a number of activities and games that could make classroom teaching stimulating and motivate students to learn better so why not take a look?


Technology in education/word puzzles

By kjoshi1 | Nov 1, 2018

Since this is a forum for teachers, just thought I would share some work in innovative technology that I have published.
Would request language teachers to try out my Android app called "Prowordial". Prowordial is a complex algorithm generated word puzzle with words and definitions across a comprehensive literary and scientific lexicon, created, programmed and implemented solely by me. The pilot in a series of programmatically generated educational games/content for older college going students and teachers alike.

With ample resources and teachers fully equipped, private schools in India have been shifting their focus from traditional methods of teaching to activity-based learning.

Did you know that Gandhiji’s beloved charkha was made of Bamboo !

If we ask our colleagues or friends whether there is any connection between learning mathematics and language, perhaps their answer would be ‘no, there is no connection’. This is because the relationship is not evident. Based on my experiences and certain articles that I have read, I would like to share a few things about how language has and can contribute in mathematics. They are as follows:

Pratham Books has created colourful learning resources that are handy, attractive and cost-effective. Can you guess what they are? Well, these are story cards!

On of the biggest challenges, a primary school teacher faces, is to help her student learn to read. This is difficult because reading is not an easy skill and ability to acquire. It is very different from the oral language which a child acquires so effortlessly in natural settings before she/he comes to school. There are many sub-skills and cognitive abilities interwoven in it. The important question is: What do we understand by reading? Generally teachers think that it is enough if the child is able to read aloud textbooks.


Two phrases are anagrams if they have the same letters, but in a different order.

Here are some good anagrams:

Stories are meant to be enjoyed! Dissecting a story like a surgeon is not the main objective. Children need to be encouraged to create stories on their own so as to develop creativity, curiosity and a host of other learning skills in a joyful manner. How do teachers make this happen? Here is a list of activities to make stories fun and challenging for learners.

An exciting section of StoryWeaver – the digital platform that Pratham Books publishes stories on, is the collection of books that revolve around different Math concepts. These stories bring together a string of endearing characters, in familiar settings, trying oh-so-hard to navigate through a problem or question that can be answered with the help of a little Math.


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