Selvan (name changed) approached us diffidently. "I want to learn. Can you please help me?" A hesitant youth of 16, he haltingly told us his story. "I have failed in four subjects in my class 10 board exams, and have stopped going to School". He clearly saw himself as a failure in the academic world.

Do trees speak? Shanti believes they do. Read her story to find out more...

Adharshila Learning Centre puts into practice what everyone has been talking about — hands-on and contextual learning, work and skill based education...


Are teachers born and not made? Can someone who simply drifted into the profession become a good teacher?
Kusum Negi shows that with passion, anything is possible...


The latest issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'sports in education' which explores topics ranging from the interpersonal and collaborative influences that sports have on children to the skills it develops, from the harsh realities about why people don't take up sporting careers to the challenges parents face while bringing up sporting kids, from questioning notions of competition in sports to detailing the power of a sporting mind, from examining the contribution of the RTE to revealing the NCF's take on sports education.

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