Written by Deepika Nayyar, this is a book of stories of change in the desert of Thar in Rajasthan. It documents the stories of eleven change-makers who have been bringing about change in their respective communities. It reveals the outcomes of Balika Shivirs, a revolutionary educational movement in western Rajasthan between 1995-2010.

This article argues that although Indian women join the school teaching profession in significant numbers, they tend to be concentrated in primary school teaching and rarely rise to positions of authority and leadership. Creating greater equity in the school teaching profession will not only have positive consequences for women teachers but also for the way young children are socialized into adult roles.

The Rajasthan Council of Elementary Education and Azim Premji Foundation initiated a program to ‘identify good educational practices' in Rajasthan. For her determination and initiative, Laksmi Sevadiyan was chosen in the ‘School Management and Leadership’ category.

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