‘I wonder…’ is dedicated to middle school science teachers across the country who are igniting the scientific spark in their classrooms. It brings together perspectives and experiments from many science teachers, teacher educators and researchers. We hope that it will be used as a resource by teachers, offering them a wider and deeper perspective of the topics they teach: perspectives that help them explain fundamental concepts, their evolution and their interconnections.

Join Raju and his grandparents for a boat ride in this story written by Jayashree Deshpande, illustrated by Monappa and translated into English by Dr. Divaspathy Hegde.

This worksheet is designed to help learners learn about the importance of water and related concepts like conservation, in a reflective and interdisciplinary way. The worksheet will also help them reflect on the issues related to the wastage and shortage of water and the consequences.

This presentation is intended to serve as a model for teachers to develop better lesson plans when dealing with the topic of nutrition and the components of food.

Water is a scarce resource but at an individual level we tend not to give it importance. With this story, teachers can help instill in the mind of young learners the importance of using water wisely in our daily lives.

This collection is edited by Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao and illustrated by Nirupama Sekhar. It retells stories from mythology and folklore to focus on the need to protect, conserve and value water. Well-known writers draw upon the oral traditions of Ivory Coast, China, India, Greece, Australia, North America, Spain, Nigeria, Botswana and places beyond names to reflect upon an intrinsic connection, while the pictures are inspired by the rich, visual representations of water across cultures.

Here is a presentation on the basics of pollution - the various types, the causes and the effects.

This activity will demonstrate the distribution of water on the earth

A wet object dries up. But where does the water go? This experiment will demonstrate the phenomenon of evaporation.


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