Do you write? If you do, have you ever thought why you write? This students shares how an English class helped her discover a passion for writing...


The Delhi rape case of 2012 shook India’s conscience with various protests and legislative movements surfacing all over the nation, particularly in Delhi.

The author shares his views on "education" in the present day, voicing his thoughts on the changes that need to be brought about to ensure that learning "supports individual creativity, cultural diversity, economic justice, and a sustainable relationship with the environment".

Over the past several years, people have become increasingly aware of the need to protect children. Initially, the concerns focused on some obvious forms of child abuse: children who suffered due to war, riots, child malnutrition, diseased environments, social and even parental abuse. Efforts were made by some countries, the United Nations, and many philanthropic organizations to tackle these abuses, and this was when the first pioneering notions of children's rights emerged. But the children, themselves, had yet to be heard from.

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