Toys from Trash

Can you bend the flow of water? Yes, by these timetested fun experiments!

Use trash & trumpet your recycling skills!

Use trash to make your own basic helicopter model

Make some beautiful cubes from beads this weekend. Easy? Are you ready for the 4 challenges at the end of the activity?

Arvind Gupta shows how you can make a simple pinhole camera.

A pencil to explore rotation, resonance, Newton's colour wheel, toys from trash? Yes, please! Arvind Gupta demonstrates it for you.

How many uses can you think of for a paper clip? Inside the classroom, as a TLM.

Lenses cost money & when broken they are useless. Is there a low-cost alternative to it?

You can't find a simpler explanation & demonstration of why train wheels are not cylindrical but have a conical taper. Rajkishore send us this video made by Team Arvind Gupta.

Real-life activities such as art design or trying to arrange objects to fit into a certain space are geometrical in nature and provide a host of opportunities for children to participate in mathematical inquiry. These activities explore them how.


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