Toys from Trash

This weekend have fun with your balloon powered boat & say thanks to Newton's 3rd law of motion.

Explore the concepts of rotation, reflection through a discarded CD & a bottle.

You might have used stick figures in the classroom to enable contextualized learning.When

Hang a bottle of water in a close cardboard carton. The bottle should be half inside the box and half outside. The dark box will be lit brightly by the light coming from the bottle. This light will enable you to easily read a poster in the dark box. The SOLAR WATER BOTTLE has lighted many poor shanty homes.

You have blown and burst a balloon. Have you ever made a bench out of them? Check this activity from Arvind Gupta and have fun.

You have already bent the flow of water. Arvind Gupta invites you to bend the light, this weekend. Are you game?

Yes, you can build a motor where you don't need a magnet! Check it out.

Make this simplest of rockets this weekend.

Arvind Gupta's 1991 classic Leaf Zoo (in Hindi, पत्तियों का चिड़िया घर) introduces the learner to use leaves creatively. Here are some cute, little, stunning results. It also features Farida Mehta's poem titled Leaf Zoo.

Turn your waste water bottle and a straw into a floating propeller. You will need couple of ring magnets.


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