Toys from Trash

Arvind Gupta makes amazing wave model using straws and sticky tape. The same model can be used to discuss the concept of fundamental waves and the structure of DNA in the higher classes.

Arvind Gupta demonstrates how to construct angles, shapes and three dimensional figures using matchsticks and cycle valves.

Arvind Gupta demonstrates how to make a simple abacus using a used rubber slipper and pencils.

Arvind Gupta's team member demonstrates how to make a dynamic, rotating 14 page book which a teacher can use to tell any story in an entertaining and engaging manner. Children can also be encouraged to make similar books.

Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and popularizer of science for kids. Creating simple toys out of trash and everyday goods, he illustrates principles of science and design in a memorably hands-on fashion. He works at the Children's Science Centre in Pune, India. He's the author of numerous books available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages, including Little Toys, Science from Scrap, and Science Skills & Thrills: The Best of Arvind Gupta.


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