Toys from Trash

You have read in the class that snakes don't have ears and they only respond to vibrations. Arvind Gupta invites you to make an artificial snake that dances not to your tunes but the wind you blow!

Don't throw away the plastic bottle. Instead, turn that into your pocket microscope!

Make a pyramid from a paper strip. Discuss methane structure, discuss Egyptian history, discuss non-Euclidean geometry!

Demonstrate the effects of temperature difference for higher graders & for the younger ones it is nothing short of magic! Do it today.

This amazing tale of a farmer can be told with the help of a string. First the farmer ploughs the field, then sows seeds, then waters and manures. But when the harvest is ready a fat rat comes and eats up the crop! This delightful tale can be told with the help of a loop of string!

Collect a crown cap of any cold beverage. Make a toy out of it to understand sound waves, 

Make your no cost oil centrifuge. All you need is a bowl & thread.

Arvind Gupta invites you to test Newton's 3rd law of Motion one more time in one more different way and also helps you reuse plastic bottle.

Make use of old toothbrushes to explore centre of gravity. It can't get any simpler!

Try this simple water conductivity test this weekend.


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