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Graphics calculators have been available to students in secondary school in some countries now for more than thirty years, although of course their capabilities have been developed in various ways to support the school curriculum over that time. The most frequent use of these devices seems to be concerned with the representation of functions, including in particular their graphical representation, which was an important component of a previous paper in this magazine (Kissane, 2016).

In this article I will highlight the features of the Desmos Activity Builder - which allows the user to create a customized Classroom Activity - and then take you through the process of creating one such activity. To get started, login to (prior registration is required; registration is free and no software needs to be downloaded to your own computer); select Custom and then New Activity.

Teachers will always remain at the heart of the teaching process. Their role, at its core, is to ignite young minds and hearts.


Integration of technology in teaching and learning is an important aspect of today's education. Here is a presentation, by Sriparna, on what technology integration is, its benefits, and how teachers can put it into practice. 

Here is a silent video on 10 inventions that changed the world...
You could have a discussion in your class and ask your students to add to the list. 

Here's one clue for them: They're using it to view this video.

To download the presentation (.ppt), please click here.

Here is a presentation of 10 inventions that changed the world...
You could have a discussion in your class and ask your students to add to the list. 


Subir Shukla talks about the role of technology in improving the quality of education. How can technology help improve the factors like teacher-student equation, processes of education and the outcomes that bring about a good education?

An interview with Mr. Subir Shukla, Consultant at MHRD and Principal Coordinator - IGNUS-erg.

Change is permanent and as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden. Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for change.”

We are preparing students for the future i.e. students of today will face the world of work in 2030. One of the challenges is to help students anticipate change at every level. This worksheet is designed to help students anticipate change so that they are thinking individuals and are ready for the changes they are going to face.

A teacher refreshes his routine day by looking back at it through the lens of science. Try thinking back about your own day using the subject you teach.


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