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After travelling 20km along the NH-8 from Rajnagar, Rajsamand to towards Ajmer, I took a diversion into a narrow stony lane. After taking that turn, I travelled 2km more along that lane through little dense jungle to reach at the base of a hummock. At the top of that hummock, was my desired destination, Upper Primary School Deviyon Ki Merda.

The hare and the tortoise are back again in this story originally written in Kannada as 'Mola Mattu Aame'  by Venkatramana Gowda, illustrated by Padmanabh and translated into English by Dr. Divaspathy Hegde.

Ravi, Pradeep, and Vinay are part of the team of teachers at Government Madhyamik School, Nagla who are motivated to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their students get the best possible education.


Getting children to work on projects, makes for an interesting move away from banal routine of class work. There are several purposes that a class project achieves. Apart from learning about a particular topic, children also learn to bond with each other and work together as a team. For both the teacher and the students, a project will reveal the many different ways in which a topic can be absorbed by the human mind.

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