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Subir Shukla shares the lessons that have been learned from work in the field. He also talks about the role of the teachers and students in learning and the efforts made and challenges faced by those in the system.

An interview with Mr. Subir Shukla, Consultant at MHRD and Principal Coordinator - IGNUS-erg

Subir Shukla talks about making the shift from a system that is more engaged with maintaing the status-quo to one that understands the teacher. To make a change in the system, we need to build the trust of teachers, and communicate to them that they matter.

An interview with Mr. Subir Shukla, Consultant at MHRD and Principal Coordinator - IGNUS-erg.

To the passing eye these would look like regular schools but they have embarked on a journey of change.

“While [the children] may not be physically punished…a strong message is communicated to them that if they want to be accepted by the teacher and the society, they have to renounce any allegiance to their home language and culture. [W]hen the message, implicit or explicit…is "Leave your language and culture at the schoolhouse door" children also leave a central part of who they are, their identities - at the schoolhouse door.”(Cummins, 2001)
There are three critical overarching aspects to consider when we look at educational change:‘what’,‘how’ and ‘who’. We need to be clear about what is worth changing. For instance, we must ensure that all teachers are in class and teaching. Obviously we need to do a lot more than that! The ‘what’ involves changing the practices of individuals, institutions, and the system, because as long as they continue to do what they currently do, nothing will change for the better.

A simple worksheet that enables students to connect the names with the parts and the functions of the human digestive system.

In three days and across five meetings Anurag Behar met with many teachers and government school officials who had gathered to discuss how to improve their schools. The issues were many and the solution simple - the system needs to address these issues. But among these very people were a few who went ahead and brought about the change.

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