scientific temper

Neeraja Raghavan

There is no doubt that a good laboratory will enrich the learning and teaching of science. While this is undisputable, it is possible to transform the teaching and learning of science even without a full-fledged laboratory, provided one can draw upon everyday experiences, commonly asked questions, easily available materials and just a few tools that may need to be purchased.

I still remember the day when my mother bought home a small motor boat for me and my sister. We were eagerly waiting to see how it works. There was a small cup in which oil has to be filled; a cotton wick to be placed in the oil and lighted after the boat is placed in a tub of water. Finally it was lit but the boat did not start moving. We were anxious to know what’s wrong with it.

The purpose of education is to make human beings capable, competent ,and wise so as to meet the challenges of life. In a world that is dynamic, entropy and chaos quickly enter the picture as the pace of life becomes faster, the demands on an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional resources increase and flexibility and adaptability become the buzz words. To accommodate all these factors, one needs to be innovative and creative, be able to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, think critically and be proactive.

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