In the article on ‘Recurring Decimals’ published in the November 2013 issue of At Right Angles, many questions remained unanswered in the end. They had emerged as empirical observations during the course of the exploration. We study these observations closely here, examine their validity and explain them using simple principles of divisibility.

The activity I describe here is one which I have tried with class 8 children. It proved to be an interesting investigation into the patterns in recurring decimals leading to generalization and looking at the reverse process initially through a trial and error approach followed by arriving at the procedure for rationalization.

This resource is on k-transportable numbers and also gives the solutions of problems from AtRiA March 2013 Issue-II-1. The solutions to problems posed in this issue will appear in the next issue of AtRiA's problem corner.

Thomas Lingefjärd shares some mathematically interesting connections and oddities of the number 7.

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