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Indu Prasad

Mathematics is one of the oldest fields of knowledge and study and has long been M considered one of the central components of human thought. Some call it a science, others an art and some have even likened it to a language. It appears to have pieces of all three and yet is a category by itself.

This article explains the concept of LCM visually, and also helps students appreciate why LCM needs to be used when solving certain type of problems and puzzles.

This article explains couple of important properties of triangular numbers, how they can be used in puzzle solving, and how triangular numbers are related to combinations. Concepts are explained in the form of puzzles and graphical illustrations. Triangular numbers are the count of objects that can be arranged in the form of an equilateral triangle. (Just like how square number s are the count of objects that can arranged in the form of a square).

The idea behind the article is to explain how simple math concepts form the basis behind puzzles, and how they could be understood and taught in a fun way. So we can teach number system like binary or ternary system in the form of fun puzzles which are more easily grasped by the students.

Making puzzles rather than solving them can add new dimensions to what children already find fun. Shanta Rameshwar Rao recounts what she tried in her classroom of twelve-year olds...

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