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This site includes word search puzzles covering a variety of topics appropriate for primary grade, middle school and high school students, but many of the topics will be of interest to puzzle-engaged adults as well.

By Richard P Feynman

Vintage Books, London (1992) : 350 pages

A Review by Neeraja Raghavan

Wouldn't you expect a budding scientist to do more than fry potatoes in his lab? Here is a book that promises to give you many more such surprises. I have read this book at least three times and enjoyed it as much, if not more, at each reading.

Through this Lessn Plan children will learn to play a type of logic puzzle and learn to solve them.

We learned to solve some word maze puzzles in the presentation on Logic Puzzles here. This worksheet has some more.


This Presentation is on logic puzzle and how to solve them.

For a change, let the knights of a chess board enage you with this beautiful puzzle this weekend. There is an added excercise at the end.

Mathematical puzzles are generally perceived to be at the periphery of mathematics, and not part of the core of the discipline. This may be related to the fact that we sometimes come across puzzles that have no solution. The general expectation among mathematics practitioners and school children seems to be that problems in mathematics should have a solution. In this paper, we argue that puzzles can be an important source of learning some core mathematical ideas. 

Pentomino puzzles are a valuable educational resource in their avatar as puzzles, they can also be used effectively to build spatial intuition.

A well-known puzzle that can be posed to even young children is as follows...

Here is video on floating and sinking - the puzzle.
Vignan Prasar & IISER, Pune present Prof Pierre Fontes who through kitchen, toys and day to day materials deconstructs the aura of science for school teachers. 

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