This article by Nazrul Haque and Sujit Sinha is about community involvement in schools.

In this article, K. Manikavassan, shares with us some mathematics projects he organises in the classroom like, devising geometry sets using overhead projector sheets and hair pins, etc. This article was published in Thisaimani (Journey 1) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

Having realized that students simply submit projects that their parents work on, this particular teacher devised a new way of getting the children to work on projects and one of her rules on submitting projects was that they should not be longer than two pages! But today, thinking back on those classes, she wonders whether she and her students satisfied the basic tenets of project work.

With the National Geographic and Discovery channels being a favourite with children, they are already familiar with the world around them. So what is it new that the subject of geography can offer these young students? The new-age geography attempts to extend their knowledge of places and understanding of the grim environmental impact to a responsibility towards the earth as a whole.

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