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My parents never went to school but my mother ensured that her children went to the best school. The best school in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, was the St. Maria Goretti convent school. This co-educational school was run by nuns. There were nine girls and three boys in my class. Three students opted for advanced mathematics for the Senior Cambridge exam and I was one of them.

These are excellent GeoGebra exercises for students helping them to develop and practise skills of visualisation, logical sequencing, making connections and recalling theory. Read on.

Challenge your senior graders with this set of problems

We hope that you enjoyed the reworked Middle Problems and found the Handy Reference Sheet useful. This time we will continue to focus on parity with some nice problems which use the properties given in the sheet.

Enliven your biology class with these tried and tested brain tricks, courtesy AsapScience. We are sure it will trigger lot more questions in the minds of your learners and help them appreciate the fun side of biology.

Note: Hindi subtitles are available when CC button is clicked.

When changes are felt all over, science education was not unaffected by it, particularly the assessment part of it. After working in IB

Here are some problems for the senior graders. 

Here are some chosen problems for the middle schoolers.

Challenge yourself with these 2 problems.


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