Graphics calculators have been available to students in secondary school in some countries now for more than thirty years, although of course their capabilities have been developed in various ways to support the school curriculum over that time. The most frequent use of these devices seems to be concerned with the representation of functions, including in particular their graphical representation, which was an important component of a previous paper in this magazine (Kissane, 2016).

Here are some problems for the Middle School. Also find the solutions to the problems given in AtRiA November 2014 issue.


Dice (singular die - meaning "something which is given or played with")are small objects with multiple resting positions. They are mainly used for generating random numbers but as this video shows can have other uses in a classroom too!


What are the odds that the game of chance you are playing is fair? How does the organizer of a lottery make a profit? How often does a customer win at a casino? Kamala Mukunda analyzes games of chance and brings great expectations within reach of an introductory course to probability. 

Probability taught visually, by Jonaki Ghosh, using MS Excel...

Written by practicing mathematicians, the common thread in this section is the joy of sharing discoveries and the investigative approaches leading to them.This time it has Lagrange, Fair Game, Viviani, Paper foldings among others.

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