Shree Advani

You are 30-40 and 3-5 in the deciding set of a crucial tennis match. The sweat on your palms isn’t the result of physical exertion alone. The heart is racing and thoughts are flooding your head. The pressure from your parents to win weighs down heavily on your mind.

Not the ideal situation to be in - yet, all sportspersons, in their respective sport, WILL find themselves in such predicaments. Such is the nature of sports.

The discourse around the dwindling state of our Public Education System is endless and is heard everywhere irrespective of the depth of the analysis. The state of education affects everyone, consequently, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Our judgements are often superficial and we miss taking into account the complexity of our Public Education System – right from the classroom to the educational policies.

Adharshila Learning Centre puts into practice what everyone has been talking about — hands-on and contextual learning, work and skill based education...


If "practice makes perfect", more practice makes perfect sense. Here's a video on addition to help students build a strong foundation.

Practice makes perfect. Here's a video which gives examples of  addition: carrying digits, adding multiple digit numbers etc.

I clearly remember the moment when I realized that I could read. I must have been five years old. I was at home, sitting on the floor with a storybook, reading a story one word at a time. And suddenly (this is how I remember it, at least) - I was reading whole sentences from beginning to end, without stopping. I could read!

Android is a common operating system used in touch screen mobiles and tablets. In Rajasthan, the Government has distributed android tablets for students. Tech savvy teachers are in favour of using it as an educational tool. One can use android apps as learning tools to enhance self-learning and also as sources of knowledge.

This issue of Learning Curve is centered on the subject of Mathematics. While one article discusses the very nature of Mathematics, the other traces the history of the subject; similarly while one describes the pedagogy of the subject the other shares insights and the practical perspective of the teacher.

What constitutes mathematical intelligence? Maths is more than just numbers and its scope is very vast. One can say that it includes intuition, common sense, logic, creativity, ability to see connections, ability to apply etc.

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